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Civic Action Plan 2017-2020

In March of 2016, President Lane Glenn signed onto Campus Compact’s 30th Anniversary Action Statement of Presidents and Chancellors reaffirming Northern Essex Community College’s dedication to civic engagement.  As part of this commitment, NECC pledged to create a campus Civic Action Plan documenting the action steps and expected impact. NECC agreed to make this plan public, along with the assessment of its progress.

Northern Essex Community College strives to create an environment that supports and encourages civic engagement among our students, faculty, staff, and as an institution.   NECC’s Civic Action plan embraces this vision by preparing our students to be active, informed citizens; by empowering the NECC community to pursue partnerships to benefit local and global communities; and to institutionally contribute to the health and strength of our local communities. This plan will help NECC live out its mission “to educate and inspire our students to succeed” and “to create vibrant and innovative opportunities that encourage excellence and enhance the cultural and economic life of our region.” 

In order to create this plan, information was gathered campus wide to document current civic engagement efforts and goals for the next three years.  Based on this information, a writing team constructed four outcomes specific to NECC:

Outcome 1:

Faculty are encouraged and supported to implement civic learning and service-learning into coursework across academic disciplines

Indicators for success include:

  • Increased number of faculty implement civic learning into their classes.
  • Increased number of service-learning courses being offered.
  • Increase number of disciplines report this work is being done.

Outcome 2:

Students receive civic education and practice leadership/civic engagement skills necessary to be informed, active citizens

Indicators for success include:

  • Increased number of students that received civic education.
  • Increased student participation in NECC programs, clubs and activities that do this type of work.
  • Increased number of offerings for students to practice leadership/be civically engaged.

Outcome 3:

NECC students, staff, faculty, and alumni facilitate and/or participate in co-curricular and curricular community service opportunities demonstrating an understanding of their value.

Indicators for success include:

  • Increased number of student participation in service-learning courses.
  • Increased numbers of students’ participate in service/volunteerism through co-curricular activities.
  • Students report an appreciation for the importance of service/volunteerism in the community.

Outcome 4:

NECC contributes to the economic, social, environmental, educational, and political well-being of our communities.

Indicators for success include:

  • NECC activities supported the local community.
  • Increased number of non-profit placement options for work study students.

Progress updates will be posted annually on this site.

More Information:

For more details on NECC’s Civic Action Plan, please contact:

Janel D’Agata-Lynch, M.S.W.
Civic Engagement and Service-Learning Coordinator
Northern Essex Community College
(978) 738-7530