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Meeting Minutes November 2013

Northern Essex Community College Board Of Trustees

Minutes Of Meeting (Official) – November 6, 2013

A meeting of the Northern Essex Community College Board of Trustees was held at the Riverwalk Campus, Room RW310/312 in Lawrence at 5:00PM.


Mr. Cox
Ms. Daly O’Brien
Mr. Dulchinos
Mr. Forman
Ms. Estrella
Mr. Guilmette
Mr. Linehan
Mr. Moynihan
Mr. Schindel

Absent: Ms. Ramirez, Mr. Rivera
Also Present: President Glenn

Call to Order:

Chairman Moynihan called the meeting to order at 5:15 PM. President Glenn started the meeting by extending congratulations to Trustee Mary Ellen Daly O’Brien on her re-election to the Haverhill City Council and Trustee Rivera as Mayor-Elect to the City of Lawrence. He also extended congratulations to Trustee Schindel on his recent Community Partnership Award.

Approval of Minutes:

On a Motion by Trustee Dulchinos seconded by Trustee Cox, it was voted unanimously to approve the October 2, 2013 minutes as presented.


There was no correspondence.

Unfinished Business:

President Glenn noted that there were no new employees to be introduced this month.

Education Report:

Ophthalmic Technology Program (ADM-3172-110613)

President Glenn introduced Dr. William Heineman, Vice President of Academic Affairs. Vice President Heineman introduced Ms. Nancy Garcia, Assistant Dean of Health Professions who provided a brief overview of the college’s new Ophthalmic Assistant Certificate program which began in the Fall 2013. Ms. Garcia provided an overview of the program curriculum which was developed in collaboration with staff from Tallman Eye Associates. She noted that the employment outlook for Ophthalmic Assistants is good and expected to grow. Graduates can work in ophthalmologist’s offices, hospitals and clinics. Future plans are also underway to develop an Ophthalmic Technician Program which is the next level in an Ophthalmologist’s office.

Chairman Moynihan and President Glenn thanked Ms. Garcia for her report to the Board.

Report of Board Committees:

Audit and Finance Committee

  1. Acceptance of FY2013 Audited Financial Statements (AFC -14-03)
    Trustee Dulchinos briefly discussed the FY2013 Audited Statements and noted there were two minor findings. One finding involved the timing of a Work-Study student payment which will be resolved by modifying the internal control processes for payroll. The second finding involved the improper withholdings of Medicare taxes from Work-Study students. This error will also be rectified with revised processes within the College’s payroll function. Trustee Dulchinos praised the college’s accounting staff for their work with the auditors and asked the Board to approve the recommended motion forwarded by the Audit and Finance Committee.

    On a motion by Trustee Linehan, seconded by Trustee Schindel, it was voted unanimously to accept the FY2013 Audited Financial Statements.

  2. Acceptance of FY2013 OMB A-133 Audit (AFC 14-04)
    Trustee Dulchinos provided a brief update on the FY13 OMB A-133 Audit. He noted that there were also a couple of minor issues where Work-Study student payments were not paid for the week in which they worked, but in another week, caused a timing issue within the payroll cycle. There was also one instance of a miscalculation in a Pell grant which has since been rectified. The new processes in place will ensure that these errors do not happen going forward. There were no other findings.

    On a motion by Trustee Linehan, seconded by Trustee Schindel, it was voted unanimously to accept the FY2013 OMB A-133 Audit.

  3. GWK Investment Update (Verbal)
    Trustee Dulchinos provided a brief overview noting that the college had a very good year and he briefly discussed a few key items from the GWK Investment handout. He noted that the college has increased its market value and continues to take a conservative approach when investing. President Glenn noted that full copies of the GWK report would be sent to all Trustees electronically. He also noted that this year’s budget takes into consideration the $300K from investment income, but as we look to FY15 and beyond, the college financial team will provide multi-year financial goals with an intended outcome for a larger reserve and a budget that does not utilize the investment income. He noted that the primary reserve ratio is not where we want it to be, and recommendations will be forwarded at a future meeting on how to reach those goals over the next few years.

Report of Administration:

President Glenn spoke briefly about the following items:

  1. Introduction of Achieving the Dream Coach Jim Tschechtelin and Data Facilitator Terri Manning (Verbal)
    President Glenn introduced Jim Tschechtelin and Terri Manning from Achieving the Dream. President Glenn noted that Jim and Terri have been with NECC for 7 years now, and the college is very pleased with its progress to date. Mr. Tschechtelin noted that he and Terri’s goals for NECC are two-fold:
    1. To look back and take stock of progress on the College’s goals, and look ahead for strategies on how the college can do more. He noted that when you review the student outcome reports on retention, course completion, etc., all the reports have excellent numbers with excellent progress.
    2. In terms of looking forward, Mr. Tschechtelin noted that the national average for an Achieving the Dream college’s fall to fall retention is 2%. NECC’s is double that number showing significant and steady improvement. “Part of our goal,” he noted, “is to help Northern Essex continue do more and move that number even farther out. You are making bold strokes and should be commended. Our part of the job is to stimulate your ideas – in hopes to scale things up.” President Glenn thanked Jim and Terri for their continued support.
  2. NECC Performance Recognition Awards for First Quarter of Calendar Year 2013 (ADM-3173-110613)
    President Glenn provided a brief overview of the Employee Performance Recognition Award recipients and noted that these employees were very deserving of this honor. The recipients were: Kevin Mitchell, Sue Tashjian, and Shawn Patti. The Board congratulated the recipients, and Chairman Moynihan asked that a congratulatory letter be sent to each recipient.
  3. Institutional Advancement Report (ADM-3174-110613)
    President Glenn provided a brief report on Private Sector fundraising. He noted that Vice President Jean Poth and the Institutional Advancement staff had done a terrific job over the last year and noted the assets (cash in hand), in-kind donations, and also public sector funds secured by the grants office totaled approximately $3.5 Million in FY13.
  4. Report on October 18th Vision Project Conference (Verbal)
    President Glenn reported that the College had several members attend the October 18th Vision Project Conference and that the report from the Vision Project was distributed to each Board member. He then referred to the last few pages of the report which contained key sets of data “dashboards” which explain how the Massachusetts public higher education system performed when compared to other state systems in the U.S. President Glenn also reported that NECC recently won the Within Our Sights Vision Project Twitter Contest and thanked the Marketing staff and Jean Poth for all their work.
  5. NECC Strategic Plan Progress Update (Verbal)
    President Glenn provided a brief update regarding the Goal 4 Team work which involves improving student career preparation. The College recently hired a staff member to assist in this area by doing more outreach and follow-up. The college also recently held an occupational advisory board summit at which 160 people attended and provided the college with feedback on program curriculum and student placement. The advisory board members were provided a demonstration of the new Naselink software for employers. This software allows employers to place job or internship positions online to better recruit NECC students.

    President Glenn reminded Trustees that all Goal Team meetings are open to the public and encouraged them to attend if possible and interested.

  6. Lawrence Campus Update (Verbal)
    President Glenn noted that work on the Lawrence facility is still progressing nicely, and the opening of classes is still scheduled for the Spring 2014 semester. A grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony is scheduled for Friday, March 21st in the morning and Trustees will receive a formal invitation sometime after the first of the year.

    Work is about to commence on paving and line marking at the old Registry lot which will now be referred to as the Goudreau lot. The new parking lot will provide the college with an additional 62 parking spaces, and the lot will be ready for use in early December. Also, at 420 Common Street, the bookstore, café and branch bank are taking shape. President Glenn noted that he will continue to keep the Trustees up to date via email as the sites/buildings are completed.

    Trustee Forman left at 5:50PM.

New Business:

  1. Personnel Actions:
    1. New Appointments (ADM- 3175-110613):
      Chairman Moynihan noted that there were two (2) new full-time personnel actions to approve. On a Motion by Trustee Dulchinos, seconded by Trustee Daly O’Brien, it was voted unanimously to approve the two (2) New Appointments as listed in Addendum A.
    2. Appointment of Department Chairpersons (ADM-3176-110613)
      President Glenn noted that there were two (2) Department Chair appointments to approve. On a Motion by Trustee Dulchinos, seconded by Trustee Estrella, it was voted unanimously to approve the two (2) Department Chair Appointments as listed in Addendum B.
  2. President’s 2013-14 Annual Goals (ADM-3177-110613)
    President Glenn noted that he is submitting to the Board for their approval a summary of his goals for 2013-14. He noted that as required by the new guidelines for presidential evaluation, the goals are aligned with both the College’s strategic goals/plan and the Massachusetts Public Higher Education System goals related to the work of the Vision Project and BHE’s review of campus strategic planning.
    On a Motion by Trustee Dulchinos, seconded by Trustee Schindel, it was voted unanimously to approve President Glenn’s Annual Goals for 2013-14.

Other Business:

  1. Report on October 21st MCCTA Meeting (Verbal)
    Chairman Moynihan noted that Trustees Cox, Dulchinos, Linehan and Schindel all attended the MCCTA meeting on October 21st. He noted that the meeting usually is a good combination of trustees and presidents, and that attendance is increasing as more trustees seem to be interested. He noted that it is helpful to meet and talk with fellow Trustees and President to discuss a variety of issues facing public higher education, and he encouraged all trustees to attend if they were able to. He noted that as he gets notices for these meetings, he will forward them to Cheryl Goodwin and she will disperse the notice to all trustees.

    Trustee Linehan noted that there was a discussion at the meeting about best practices and some discussion about recent events at Westfield State University. He noted that it’s important for all trustees to know what is going on with college finances, and encouraged all trustees to attend future meetings if they are able to do so.

    As the last order of business, Chairman Moynihan asked the board to mark their calendars for Wednesday, December 4th at 6PM for the Trustee Holiday dinner. The dinner will be held at Joseph’s Trattoria in Ward Hill immediately following the December 4th Trustee Meeting.


With no other business, Chairman Moynihan adjourned the meeting at 6:15PM.