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General Studies: Dance Option


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Michelle Deane, Dance Program Coordinator, Faculty.

As a college student, dance changed Michelle Deane’s life. Now she hopes it changes her students’ lives…read more

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Program Overview

Dance is an expressive means of communication. It allows you to explore and develop your individuality and creativity. It teaches grace and poise, provides the opportunity for performance, and imparts the skills to enable the teaching of others.

NECC’s Associate Degree in General Studies: Dance Option is for you if you want to work in and/or open a dance studio, are interested in theater and music, or are creative and enjoy physical activity. You will be exposed to a variety of types of dance including Ballet, Jazz, Modern, and World Dance.

You will learn to choreograph and will have ample opportunity to perform.

Career Opportunities


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Graduates will be able to pursue many career paths. Sample careers in the dance field include performance, choreography, dance education, dance therapy, dance studio operator, dance criticism. Your two-year associate degree may prepare you for some of these careers, while others will require additional education, such as a four-year bachelor’s degree.

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