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Courses & Requirements

The certificate program in Music Technology is designed for persons interested in designing and implementing a musical recording studio at home or in a small office space. Through the course of study, students will learn the basics of music theory, develop listening skills, and learn about the equipment and skills needed to produce high quality audio recordings. The program will also serve as an introduction and a foundation for students wishing to pursue a degree in music technology. A minimum of 26 credit hours are required for graduation.

Courses Credits Comments
BUS102 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 3  
ENG101 English Composition I 3  
MUS115 Aural Skills I 1  
MUS116 Aural Skills II 1 Prerequisite: MUS115
MUS121 Music Theory 3  
MUS122 Music Theory II 3 Prerequisite: MUS121
MUS127 Music Technology: Sound 3  
MUS128 Audio Recording I 3  
MUS129 Audio Recording II 3 Prerequisite: MUS128
MUS137 Music Technology: Composition 3  
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