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Courses & Requirements

The associate in arts degree in Music offers guidance in course selection to students preparing for careers in music, either those seeking professional work or those seeking to transfer to four year colleges. Students enrolled in the music option should plan to take at least 35 credits in music courses including 4 courses each in Applied Music and Ensemble at levels determined by the department. A minimum of 66 credit hours are required for graduation.

Starting in the fall of 2014, any student enrolled in an associate degree program who is new to NECC and has no academic history at the college, must take at least one course designated as intensive in each of NECC’s six core academic skills in order to graduate. In most cases, the program’s core required courses include these intensive courses. Plan to see an advisor for more complete information about this graduation requirement.

Courses Credits Comments
ENG101 English Composition I 3  
ENG102 English Composition II 3 ENG101 Prerequisite
MUS102 Introduction to Western Music 3  
MUS112 Introduction to World Music 3  
MUS115 Aural Skills I 1  
MUS116 Aural Skills II 1 Prerequisite MUS115
MUS121 Music Theory I 3  
MUS122 Music Theory II 3 Prerequisite: MUS121
MUS131 Piano I 3  
MUS141 Performance Workshop I 1  
MUS142 Performance Workshop II 1 Prerequisite: MUS141
MUS217 Aural Skills III 1 Prerequisite: MUS116
MUS218 Aural Skills IV 1 Prerequisite: MUS217
MUS223 Music Theory III 3 Prerequisite: MUS122
MUS224 Music Theory IV 3 Prerequisite: MUS223
MUS243 Performance Workshop III 1 Prerequisite: MUS142
MUS244 Performance Workshop IV 1 Prerequisite: MUS243
Requirements Continued
Students must select 4 credits from the following Applied Music courses. Any combination as long as the Prerequisite is met.
Applied Music Courses Credits Comments
MUS173 Applied Music: Brass I 1  
MUS174 Applied Music: Brass II 1 Prerequisite: MUS173
MUS273 Applied Music: Brass III 1 Prerequisite: MUS174
MUS274 Applied Music: Brass IV 1 Prerequisite: MUS273
MUS175 Applied Music: Guitar I 1  
MUS176 Applied Music: Guitar II 1 Prerequisite: MUS175
MUS275 Applied Music: Guitar III 1 Prerequisite: MUS176
MUS276 Applied Music: Guitar IV 1 Prerequisite: MUS275
MUS177Applied Music: Percussion I 1  
MUS178 Applied Music: Percussion II 1 Prerequisite: MUS177
MUS277 Applied Music: Percussion III 1 Prerequisite: MUS178
MUS278 Applied Music: Percussion IV 1 Prerequisite: MUS277
MUS179 Applied Music: Piano I 1  
MUS180 Applied Music: Piano II 1 Prerequisite: MUS179
MUS279 Applied Music: Piano III 1 Prerequisite: MUS180
MUS280 Applied Music: Piano IV 1 Prerequisite: MUS279
MUS181 Applied Music: Strings I 1  
MUS182 Applied Music: Strings II 1 Prerequisite: MUS181
MUS281 Applied Music: Strings III 1 Prerequisite: MUS182
MUS282 Applied Music: Strings IV 1 Prerequisite: MUS281
MUS183 Applied Music: Voice I 1  
MUS184 Applied Music: Voice II 1 Prerequisite: MUS183
MUS283 Applied Music: Voice III 1 Prerequisite: MUS184
MUS284 Applied Music: Voice IV 1 Prerequisite: MUS283
MUS185 Applied Music: Woodwinds I 1  
MUS186 Applied Music: Woodwinds II 1 Prerequisite: MUS185
MUS285 Applied Music: Woodwinds III 1 Prerequisite: MUS186
MUS286 Applied Music: Woodwinds IV 1 Prerequisite: MUS285
Requirements Continued
Students must select 4 of the following Music  Ensembles. Any combination as long as Prerequisite is met.
4 course sequences below
Music Ensemble Courses Credits Comments
MUS187 Ensemble: Chamber Choir I 1  
MUS188 Ensemble: Chamber Choir II 1 Prerequisite: MUS187
MUS255 Ensemble: Chamber Choir III 1 Prerequisite: MUS188
MUS256 Ensemble: Chamber Choir IV 1 Prerequisite: MUS255
MUS151 Ensemble: Chorus I 1  
MUS152 Ensemble: Chorus II 1 Prerequisite: MUS151
MUS251 Ensemble: Chorus  III 1 Prerequisite: MUS152
MUS252 Ensemble: Chorus IV 1 Prerequisite: MUS251
MUS165 Ensemble: Concert Band I 1  
MUS166 Ensemble: Concert Band II 1 Prerequisite: MUS165
MUS265 Ensemble: Concert Band III 1 Prerequisite: MUS166
MUS266 Ensemble: Concert Band IV 1 Prerequisite: MUS265
MUS161 Ensemble: Jazz/Rock I 1  
MUS162 Ensemble: Jazz/Rock II 1 Prerequisite: MUS161
MUS261 Ensemble: Jazz/Rock III 1 Prerequisite: MUS162
MUS262 Ensemble: Jazz/Rock IV 1 Prerequisite: MUS261
MUS135 Ensemble: Small Group I 1  
MUS136 Ensemble: Small Group II 1 Prerequisite: MUS135
MUS236 Ensemble: Small Group III 1 Prerequisite: MUS136
MUS237 Ensemble: Small Group IV 1 Prerequisite: MUS236
Courses Credits Comments
Program Elective 3 Students transferring to UMASS Lowell Sound Recording Tech must take: MUS128 Audio Recording 1.
Music Business must take ECO201.
Other UML Tracks take additional Music History course via NECCUM
Behavioral Science 3 Students transferring to UMASS Lowell tracks and Music Education track take: PSY101
History & Government 6 Students must take a HIS or GOV course that meets Public Presentation and Information Literacy
Math 3/4 MAT122 or higher
Science (with lab) 8

Students must meet Science and Technology Core Academic Skill.

Students transferring to UMASS Lowell Sound Recording Tech must take: PHS111 College Physics

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