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Contact Information for Department Chair and Faculty

Department Chair

Kristen Quinn, BA, MSA, Faculty, Chair
Phone: 978-556-3351
Email: kquinn@necc.mass.edu

Faculty Contact Information

Pamela Donahue, AS, BS, Med, Faculty

Office: C304G
Phone: 978-556-3315
Email: pdonahue@necc.mass.edu

Kristen Quinn, BA, MSA, Faculty, Chair

Office: C-304F
Phone: 978-556-3351
Email: kquinn@necc.mass.edu

Adjunct Faculty Contact Information

John Sabbagh, BA, MEd, CAES

Email: jsabbagh@necc.mass.edu

Mark Cousins, BS, CPA,

Email: mcousins@necc.mass.edu

Lori Capra, BS, MSA

Email: lcapra@necc.mass.edu

Cheryl Dick, BS, MSA

Email: cdick@necc.mass.edu

Armen Derderian, BS, CPA

Email: aderderian@necc.mass.edu

Roland Mass

Email: rmasse@necc.mass.edu

Sheila Muller, AS, BS, MBA

Email: smuller@necc.mass.edu