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Business Transfer


MassTransfer approved program.

“For Lucas Lombardo, Northern Essex helped him find his academic direction and prepared him to continue to pursue it as a transfer student at Boston University — all while staying within his budget.” Read more

NECC’s Associate of Science in Business Transfer is for you if you are interested in transferring to a four-year college or university to receive your bachelor’s degree in business. With this program, you can satisfy your basic liberal arts and business administration courses at a fraction of the cost of most four-year schools’ tuition. You will also enjoy the convenience of staying close to home, and benefit from our small class sizes and helpful student support services, and then transfer your credits to a bachelor’s degree program.

While enrolled in this program, you will gain the necessary skills to communicate effectively in a college classroom environment. You will also apply critical thinking to address and solve problems associated with the chosen career field, and utilize technology, where applicable, to complete assignments. These are the same skills that will be required as you advance academically. Whether transferring to a public or private college or university, students completing the Business Transfer program are positioned to be successful.

In addition to preparing you to transfer to a public or private four-year school, NECC offers internships at local companies such as Raytheon, UPS, and local non-profits. Co-operative learning opportunities at a variety of local businesses are also available to interested students.

Graduates can pursue many career paths, and job settings and titles vary widely. Business directors and managers play a crucial role in the fields of marketing, advertising, sales, finance, banking, sports, entertainment, and many other related fields. Job prospects remain steady, and today’s graduates enter an exciting and evolving era in the world of business.

Print the Business Transfer Program Sheet (PDF)