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Courses & Requirements

Help Desk

The student will learn to use a variety of communication tools that are normally used for computer help desk/customer support. An emphasis on soft skills will be presented and applied to situations involving a variety of scenarios including: problem resolution methods, customer relations, and problem tracking systems. Software for call management will be used in hands-on labs. A minimum of 28 credits are required for graduation.

Courses Credits Comments
CIS110 Computer Applications 3  
CIS112 Integrated Computer Applications 4 Prerequisite
CIS110 OR CTN110
CIS114 Help Desk and Soft Skills 3  
CIS115 Information Security 4 Prerequisite CTN110
CIS130 Web Development I 4 Prerequisite
CIS110 OR CTN110
CIS214 Help Desk Management 4 Prerequisite CIS114
CTN110 Introduction to Information Technology 3  
ENG101 English Composition I 3