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Courses & Requirements

The associate in science degree program in Criminal Justice describes and analyzes the various aspects of the criminal justice system. The curriculum is designed to take a systems approach in understanding the crime problem in the United States. The program is structured to prepare students for professional careers, whether they are pre-service or already working in the criminal justice field. It is recognized that a majority of criminal justice students continue their education after completing their degree. Consequently, the curriculum has a broad, academic orientation, facilitating transfer to four-year institutions. A minimum of 68 credit hours are required for graduation.

Starting in the Fall of 2014, any student enrolled in an associate degree program who is new to NECC and has no academic history at the college, must take at least one course designated as intensive in each of NECC’s six core academic skills in order to graduate. In most cases, the program’s core required courses include these intensive courses. Plan to see an advisor for more complete information about this graduation requirement.

Courses Credits Comments
CRJ101 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3  
CRJ102 Incarceration & Alternative 3 Prerequisites
CRJ103 Modern Policing 3 Prerequisites 
CRJ201 Critical Incident Response 3 Prerequisite: CRJ101,
Corequisite: ENG101
CRJ202 Criminal Law 3 Prerequisite: CRJ101,
Corequisite: ENG101
ENG101 English Composition I 3  
ENG102 English Composition II 3 Prerequisite
GOV101 American Government & Politics 3  
GOV211 Civil Rights and Liberties 3 Prerequisite
MAT125 Statistics 4  
PHI121 Practical Logic 3  
PSY101 Introduction to Psychology 3  
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology 3  
SOC104 Introduction to Criminology 3  
Courses Credits Comments
Computer & Information Sciences 3 CIS110 or higher, SEE ADVISOR
Criminal Justice Elective 6 CRJ203 or higher,
except CRJ250 & CRJ291
Criminal Justice Internship 3 CRJ291 or CRJ250, Prerequisite
Humanities Electives 6 Strongly Recommend
PHI110 and COM112
Science Electives 7/8 Lab Science is required for transfer
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