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Courses & Requirements

The certificate option is available only to students currently holding a Bachelor’s degree or higher in any field.

Students must earn a minimum grade of B in all ASL courses and a minimum grade of C in DST courses and ASL203 and ASL205. A minimum of 41 credit hours are required for students intending to continue their studies in interpreting.

Program Prerequisites:

ASL101 Elementary ASL I and ASL102 Elementary ASL II with a B or better or demonstrate comparable skills/knowledge. See a representative in Enrollment Services for additional admissions criteria for this program.

Additional Admissions Criteria:

Enrollment Services will provide additional admissions criteria for this program. All admission criteria is available in the Deaf Studies Criteria Packet which can be found on the NECC Forms page.


Students interested in participation in this academic program may be required to undergo a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check, a Criminal Records Central Repository (CHRI) check and/or a Sex Offender Registry Information (SORI) check. For more information, visit the CORI/CHRI/SORI page on the NECC website.

Courses Credits Comments
ANT101 Cultural Anthropology 3 Prerequisite
ASL111 Intermediate American Sign Language I 5 Prerequisite
ASL112 Intermediate American Sign Language II 5 Prerequisite
ASL201 Advanced American Sign Language I 4 Prerequisite
ASL202 Advanced American Sign Language II 4 Prerequisite
ASL203 American Sign Language Linguistics 3 Prerequisite
ASL205 Deaf Literature and Folklore 3 Prerequisite
DST101 Introduction to Deaf Studies 3 Co-requisite
DST102 Introduction to the Interpreting Field
EDU101 Introduction to Teaching
HUS101 Introduction to Human Services
4/3 DST102: Prerequisite,
required of students
intending to pursue
interpreting studies
DST191 Deaf Community Practicum 2 Prerequisite
DST205 Deaf Culture 3 Prerequisite or
permission of
PHI110 Ethics 3 Required of students
intending to pursue
interpreting studies