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Orientation Module Orientation Module Descriptions


Student Success

Students will view this 10 minute Student Success video clip during the first class. The video will cover college readiness, acceptable classroom behavior, instructor expectations, and time management skills. A one page script will be provided for instructors. 
Video: What to Expect in the Classroom


Tutoring Center Learning Accommodations

The students will be given a brief over-view of the Tutoring Center and hours of operation for the semester. Students will also be given an over-view of the Learning Accommodations Center. The web page will have links to hours of operation and contact information. Students will be given a one page document with scheduling and contact information. 
Link: Learning Accommodations
Link: Tutoring Centers
See: Current Tutoring Schedule


Financial Aid Video

The students will watch a 10 minute video clip which will give an over-view of the financial aid services at NECC. The web page will have links to the video and additional information. Students will be given a one page document with contact information pertaining to financial aid in Lawrence and Haverhill. 
Video: Financial Aid video discontinued.  See Financial aid website instead.


Facilities and Student Services Learning Styles

The students will be given a brief overview of facilities and services that are available including Library Services, hours of operation, and contact information. Students will be asked to complete the Learning Styles survey on-line for homework. Students will submit the completed survey to their instructor the following week. 
Link: Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire
Link: Library
Link: NECC Campus Bookstore
Link: Computer Labs


Effective Writing Skills

The students will be given a rubric explaining the criteria for effective writing. This rubric will outline expectations and describe the elements of quality work. Students will be reminded of the services available to them in the Tutoring Center. Instructors may choose to use this rubric when grading written assignments. 
Link: Developmental Studies – Writing Center
Link: Rubic PDF


Student Online Services College Calendar

The students will be given a 10 minute demonstration as to how to click on the “Easy Button”, find their user password and complete a self-service audit of the program requirements, transfer credits and plan for course work in the coming semester. Students will also learn how to find the College-Wide Calendar. A script/directions will be provided for instructor. 
Link: myNECC
Link: Academic and Course Information
Link: College Policies


Advising Tips

Advising and Transfer Tips will be provided in a one page document. This information will be given just prior to the early registration. Students will be informed as to how to find the link, check important dates on the calendar and make note of specific requirements pertaining to future transfer. 
See: Associate Degree Audit Sheet (PDF)


Registration Tips and Timeline

Review with students the Human Services Program Website. The students will be given instruction and tips pertaining to course and program sequence. Specific information surrounding proficiencies and prerequisites will be explained at this time. Students will be given additional information about program requirements, future course work and next steps in matriculation.


Fact Sheet

The students will be given a one page Human Services Program Fact Sheet. This document will provide students with a better understanding of program and practicums, CORI/SORI, immunization requirements. Human Services Majors will be given additional information about the human service practicums and placement process. A handout will include both a chronology as well as a practicum reference request.
Link: How and Where to Register


Scholarship Opportunities

The students will be informed of the scholarship opportunities available to matriculated students. Scholarship guidelines, requirements, and application dates will be provided. Students will be given opportunity to explore and plan for scholarship opportunities that may be available. 
Link: National Organization for Human Services


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