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Courses & Requirements

The Liberal Arts associate degree program that focuses on Middle/High School Teaching is designed for students interested in becoming a licensed teacher in grades 6 – 12. It offers a strong foundation in the arts and sciences as well as courses related directly to the field of education. Through an integration of theory and practice students develop an understanding of various teaching philosophies, numerous teaching methods, adolescent growth and development, and issues related to diversity. The education courses include a field observation component that gives students the opportunity to visit classrooms and learn from example. All elements of the program prepare students for transfer to a bachelor degree completion program and a teaching license. A minimum of 63 credits are required for graduation.

Starting in the fall of 2014, any student enrolled in an associate degree program who is new to NECC and has no academic history at the college, must take at least one course designated as intensive in each of NECC’s six core academic skills in order to graduate. In most cases, the program’s core required courses include these intensive courses. Plan to see an advisor for more complete information about this graduation requirement.

Courses Credits Comments
COM111 Public Speaking 3  
EDU101 Introduction to Teaching 3  
EDU203 Multiculturalism and Diversity in Education 3 Prerequisite
ENG101 English Composition I 3  
ENG102 English Composition II 3 Prerequisite
PSY101 Introduction to Psychology 3  
PSY201 Developmental Psychology I 3  
Courses Credits Comments
History Electives 6 To be selected with desired teaching areas in mind
Literature Electives 6 To be selected with desired teaching areas in mind
Math Electives 7/8 MAT120 or higher
Science Electives 8 Must be lab sciences; strongly recommend one physical science and one biological science
Fine & Performing Arts/Foreign
Language/Philosophy & Religion Electives
6 To be selected with desired teaching areas in mind
Liberal Arts Electives 9 To be selected with desired teaching areas in mind