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Dental Assisting Program Outcomes

Goals & Learning Objectives

Goal 1

Students/Graduates will demonstrate clinical competence in collecting and analyzing data

Learning Outcomes

Complete patient information on the dental record including medical and dental histories, vital signs and tooth charting annotations.
Assist with or perform an extra/intraoral examination and record findings.
Expose, process and mount dental radiographs using both traditional and digital techniques.
Take occlusal records and preliminary impressions and prepare study casts.

Goal 2

Students/Graduates will demonstrate clinical competence to perform clinical supportive treatments

Learning Outcomes

Manage infection control and hazard communication protocol consistent with published guidelines.
Apply current concepts of four handed dentistry for all chairside procedures including preparing tray set-ups, maintaining treatment area and providing pre and post-operative instructions to the patient.
Perform or assist with the performance of the following clinical procedures: coronal polishing, the application of topical anesthetic, dental dam, fluoride agents and occlusal sealants.
Provide patient preventive education and oral hygiene instruction.
Assist in the management of medical emergencies.
Apply and manipulate chairside and laboratory dental materials.

Goal 3

Students/Graduates demonstrate basic practice management skills

Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate basic computer skills including word processing, email and the use of the Internet.
Use various electronic record software to support dental practice management.
Function at the entry level in dual role as clinical and administrative dental assistant.

Goal 4

Students/Graduates will communicate effectively in a professional business environment

Learning Outcomes

Produce and present clear and well organized writing that responds appropriately to an assignment using standard American English.
Produce clear and well organized oral reports that respond appropriately to an assignment using standard American English.

Goal 5

Students/Graduates will demonstrate problem solving and critical thinking skills

Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving abilities in order to be able to adapt to different patient conditions.
Evaluate the evidence and data relevant to a topic of inquiry and draw conclusions from source materials.

Goal 6

Students/Graduates will demonstrate an understanding of professionalism

Learning Outcomes

Effectively communicate with patients, family members and other members of the healthcare team.
Exhibit professional conduct including reliability, responsibility, honesty and ethical behavior.
Utilize various resources to earn continuing education credits in order to maintain credentials and continue their life long learning.


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