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Francine Pappalardo, MS, RN
Nursing Curriculum Coordinator

Office LC-316 A
Phone: 978-665-5894
Please call to schedule an appointment

Name Email Phone Number Office
Francine Pappalardo, MS, RN
Curriculum Coordinator 978-665-5894 LC-316 A
Patricia Demers, MS, RN
Assistant Dean, Program Administrator 978-738-5879 LC-309
Lisa Bass, MS, RN
Professor 978-665-5888 LC-312 H
Jill Becker, MS, RN
Professor 978-665-5883 LC-312 C
Eva Beliveau, MS, RN
Professor 978-665-5889 LC-312 I
Catherine Dabrowski, MS, RN
Professor 978-665-5891 LC-312 D
Sheila Kane, MS, RN
Professor 978-665-5884 LC-312 B
Kristine Michaud, MS, RN
Professor 978-738-7428 L-265 A
Kathleen Phaneuf, MS, RN
Professor 978-738-7285 L-269 B
Gail Tangard, MS, RN
Professor 978-665-5890 LC-312 J
Rose Yates, MS, RN
Professor 978-738-7287 L-267 A