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Program Notes

Students are prepared with the skills and knowledge to work as beginning professionals with clients along the spectrum from active abuse to later stages of recovery. Practicum courses give students the opportunity to gain experience in the field and to integrate that work experience with their academic learning. All college credits earned within this certificate may also be transferred towards the Associate Degree in Human Services.

Helpful Hints

Students are encouraged to contact the Program Coordinator with any questions or concerns about the CORI/SORI/CHRI process. Those with legal issues in their background will receive guidance and counseling throughout the review of their records.

In order to insure the maximum transfer of credits, students who wish to pursue a four-year degree are strongly recommended to consult with the Program Coordinator before selecting any electives.

Recommended Course Sequence
Alcohol/Drug Abuse Counseling Certificate
Year 1 Fall HUS101, HUS103, HUS171, HUS191, HUS201
Spring ENG101, HUS170 HUS172, HUS192, HUS173
Summer Behavioral Science Elective (PSY101 is recommended)

After NECC

Students who successfully complete this certificate may choose to directly enter the workforce as a beginning professional or may transfer directly into the Human Services Associate Degree program.

Students who complete the program have met the educational requirements for subsequent licensure in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as substance abuse counselors.

Graduates are also eligible to apply for the credential of Human Services Board Certified Practitioner offered by the National Organization for Human Services.