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Program Notes

No new students being accepted.

Students enrolling in this program should be aware that they will need to develop strong research, reading, communications, and critical thinking skills as well as substantial historical knowledge to successfully pursue a Bachelor’s degree at a transfer institution.

Helpful Hints

It is strongly recommended that students consult both with an advisor and transfer institutions when choosing elective in this program and also deciding whether to take U.S. history, Western or World Civilization Courses. Upper level History courses are not offered every semester, so students should plan carefully with their advisor in deciding which of these classes to take.

Recommended Course Sequence
Liberal Arts: History Associate Degree
Year 1 Fall Behavioral Science Elective, ENG101, Foreign Language Elective, HIS101 OR HIS111 OR HIS121, MAT120 
Spring Behavioral Science Elective, ENG102, Foreign Language Elective, HIS102 OR HIS112 OR HIS122, Math Elective 
Year 2 Fall ECO201, GEO101, History & Government Elective, Literature Elective, Science Elective 
Spring ECO202, 2 History & Government Electives, Literature Elective, Science Elective