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Liberal Arts: Philosophy

“I love seeing the spark of excitement ignite in my students when they discover that learning and wrestling with tough questions can be fun and even exhilarating,” says Lizzie Casanave, Philosophy Faculty. read more

Are you a deep thinker? If you are interested in philosophy and want to experience a broad education in courses across the curriculum, consider NECC’s Liberal Arts: Philosophy degree.

Philosophy exposes you to a wide range of ideas and viewpoints and improves your ability to reason and understand complex issues. NECC’s Associate Degree in Liberal Arts: Philosophy Concentration provides a variety of classes that emphasize critical reading, critical thinking, research, and communications, and allows you to acquire a strong foundation for transferring to a four-year school.

Graduates will be able to pursue many career paths, and may find work in law, education, public service, business, politics, and more. Most jobs require a four-year bachelor degree.