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Program Notes

Enrolling students need to develop strong critical thinking skills, an ability to read philosophical texts carefully, and effective communication skills.

Helpful Hints

Students are strongly recommended to consult with an advisor with transfer institutions when choosing electives in this program. Some of the electives are not offered every semester, so plan carefully with the guidance of your advisor. Before taking higher level (i.e. PHI2xx) courses, it is recommended to take and pass the Introduction to Philosophy course (PHI101).

Recommended Course Sequence
Liberal Arts: Philosophy Associate Degree
Year 1 Fall ENG101, HIS111, Math Elective, PHI101, PSY101
Spring ENG102, HIS112, Math Elective, PHI102, PHI121
Year 2 Fall Free Elective, Literature Elective, PHI110, REL101, Science Elective
Spring Behavioral Science Elective, 2 Free Electives, Literature Elective, Science Elective