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Courses & Requirements

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The certificate program in Paralegal Studies combines a liberal arts foundation with a career concentration in the paralegal area. Applicants must have already earned at least 36 liberal arts college credits in a minimum of four disciplines. A total of 63 college credits must be earned, 27 of which must be taken at Northern Essex for completion of the certificate.

ABA Approval:

This program is approved by the American Bar Association.

Additional Admissions Criteria:

Additional admissions criteria for this program is available in the Paralegal Criteria Packet (PDF) or from Enrollment Services.


Courses Credits Comments
Introduction to American Law
Introduction to Paralegalism
Legal Research & Writing I
3 Prerequisite
Legal Research & Writing II
3 Prerequisite
3 Prerequisite
Courses Credits Comments
Paralegal Electives 12 Prerequisite; PAR201
or higher, Not PAR202
or PAR291

Paralegal Electives:

PAR201 Real Estate Law, PAR203 Wills, Estates and Trusts, PAR204 Corporate Law, PAR205 Family Law, PAR206 Tort Law, PAR207 Computer Applications in Law, PAR208 Contract Law, and any other special topics paralegal elective courses designed for Paralegal Program students that may be proposed in the future. All PAR courses are taught by experienced attorneys. Students must obtain a minimum grade of C in all PAR courses to meet Paralegal Program graduation requirements. Credit for law specialty courses taken more than 6 years prior to completion of the Paralegal Studies program will not be awarded, unless the student’s proficiency in the area can be demonstrated. Students interested in transferring credits taken at Northern Essex to a bachelor’s degree, should consult the institution receiving the credits.

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