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Program Notes

Students entering the program should be interested in working in the legal field. They should be aware that they will need to develop skills in: fact-gathering, analyzing, communication, legal research and writing, and identifying ethical issues. The program emphasis not only legal substantive knowledge, but also legal procedure. The program also teaches students to identify and respond to ethical issues, as well as to recognize the restrictions placed on laypersons who assist in the practice of the law.

Helpful Hints

Introduction to Law and Introduction to Paralegalism are recommended for first or second semester. PAR courses have a 6 year shelf life: Credits for any PAR course completed more than 6 years before the completion of the program will not count toward graduation. Computer Applications in the Law is highly recommended as a paralegal elective.

Recommended Course Sequence
Paralegal Studies: Transfer Option Associate Degree
Year 1 Fall Computer Elective, ENG101, GOV110, PAR100, PHI121
Spring Behavioral Science Elective, ENG102, GOV211, Math Elective, PAR101
Year 2 Fall Humanities Elective, PAR102, PAR202, Paralegal Elective, Science Elective
Spring Literature Elective, 3 Paralegal Electives, Science Elective