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Courses & Requirements

The associate in science degree in Biology is designed to provide the foundation for a career in the biological sciences and is primarily a transfer program that prepares students for further study towards the bachelor’s degree in biology. This is achieved by providing an intensive science program with coursework and laboratory experiences in biology, chemistry and other natural sciences, as well as a background in mathematics and the liberal arts. A minimum of 61 credit hours are required for graduation. A grade of C or better is required in all Science courses in order to continue to the next semester.

Starting in the fall of 2014, any student enrolled in an associate degree program who is new to NECC and has no academic history at the college, must take at least one course designated as intensive in each of NECC’s six core academic skills in order to graduate. In most cases, the program’s core required courses include these intensive courses. Plan to see an advisor for more complete information about this graduation requirement.

Courses Credits Comments
BIO111 Introductory Biology I 4  
BIO112 Introductory Biology II 4 Prerequisite
BIO215 General Ecology 4  
BIO230 Cell Biology 4 Prerequisite
CHM121 General Chemistry I 4 Prerequisite
CHM122 General Chemistry II 4 Prerequisite
ENG101 English Composition I 3  
ENG102 English Composition II 3 Prerequisite

MAT125 Statistics
MAT171 Calculus for Business/Social/Life Sciences


MAT251 Calculus I
MAT252 Calculus II

8 Prerequisite
8 Prerequisite
CHM221 Organic Chemistry 4 Prerequisite
CHM222 Organic Chemistry 4 Prerequisite
Courses Credits Comments
Social Science Electives. Behavioral Science, Social Science, Economics, History, Government 6 Example of Written Communication: GOV 102
Humanities Electives. Communications, English, Fine & Performing Arts, Graphic Arts, Liberal Arts/Humanities, Literature, Philosophy & Religion 6 Examples of Written Communication: ART104, ART105, DAN131, ENG103, LIT202, LIT211, LIT212, LIT213, LIT215, LIT224, MUS224
Biology Electives. BIO108 or higher except BIO115. Student may also take SCI200 for 3 credits to fulfill this requirement. 3/4


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