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Courses & Requirements


The associate in science degree option in Computer Systems is a career program designed to train students for employment as computer technicians. A strong foundation in analog electronics is combined with courses emphasizing digital and computer applications. A minimum of 62 credit hours are required for graduation.

The Electronic Technology: Computer Systems Option Program is offered evenings only.

Courses Credits Comments
CIS140 Introduction Computer Science 4  
CTE101 Fundamentals of Digital Logic 3 Co-requisite
CTE103 Digital Design Lab 2 Co-requisite
CTE111 Circuit Analysis I 4 Co-requisite
CTE112 Circuit Analysis II 4 Prerequisite
CTE201 Electronics I 4 Prerequisite
CTE202 Electronics II 4 Prerequisite
CTE220 Digital Electronics 4 Prerequisite
CTE221 Electronic Communication Systems 4 Co-requisites
CTE202 and
MAT 140 or higher
CTE222 Digital Communications 3 Prerequisite
CTN110 Introduction to Information Technology 3  
ENG101 English Composition I 3  
ENG102 English Composition II 3 Prerequisite
Courses Credits Comments
Program Electives 3/4 CTN201recommended
Math Electives 8 MAT115, MAT130, MAT140 or higher
Humanities/Social Science Electives 6  
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