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Courses & Requirements

The Engineering Science – Advanced Manufacturing Precision Machining program introduces students to the principles, analysis and equipment of engineering manufacturing. Emphasis is placed on fundamentals through “hands on” curriculum. The program is designed to serve two purposes for students. First, the objective has an occupational focus. The curriculum prepares graduates to work in such occupations as machinists, Cell leaders, Precision machining technicians, EAs or Engineering Assistants, as well as prototype developers all of which are critical needs of our current workforce employers. Second, the majority of the courses in the program prepare students to pursue an upper level degree in Engineering.

Student Professional Liability Insurance: Students are required to carry professional liability insurance. The premium is to be paid at the time of course registration.

Courses Credits Comments
BUS101 Introduction to Business 3
COM111 Public Speaking 3
ENG101 English Composition I 3
ENG102 English Composition II 3
ENG103 Technical Writing 3 Prerequisite
EST110 Engineering Design Graphics 3 Prerequisite
EST111 Computer Aided Drafting I 3
EST112 Computer Aided Drafting II 3 Co-requisite
EST113 Principles of Manufacturing 3 Prerequisite
EST114 Material Science 4 Prerequisite
EST140 Manufacturing Safety 3 Prerequisite
EST141 Manufacturing Quality Control 3
EST150 Machining Applications 4
EST151 Introduction to CNC Machines 4
EST152 CNC Machines 4 Prerequisite
MAT125 Statistics 4 Prerequisite
MAT130 College Algebra and Trigonometry 4 Prerequisite
PHS111 College Physics I 4 Prerequisite
Courses Credits Comments
Math or Computer Science Elective 4 MAT251 or CIS140
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