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The Sidney G. Kotzen Institute of Continuing Professional Education for Accountants

About the Sidney G. Kotzen Institute of Continuing Professional Education at NECC:

CPE Institute started July 1987 and was renamed The Sidney G. Kotzen CPA Institute of Continuing Professional Education in 2012 after its founder, Sidney (Sid) Kotzen.  Its mission is to provide qualified CPE hours with the most authoritative speakers on leading edge subjects that are affordably priced in a convenient, state-of-the-art location.  The longevity of the program and our many repeat participants confirms the success of our mission and service to the accounting community.

CPE courses are designed to meet mandatory Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements for certified public accountants (MA/NH AICPA).  Tax courses meet requirements for Enrolled Agents.  Learning objective: to gain proficiency in offered subject.  Prerequisite: Basic. Program level: Intermediate. Delivery: Group live.

Primarily Tax Courses:

Enrolled Agents: We have entered into an agreement with the Office of Professional Responsibility, Internal Revenue Service, to meet the requirements of 31 Code of Federal Regulations, section 10.6 (g), covering maintenance of attendance records, retention of program outlines, qualifications of instructors, and length of class hours. This agreement does not constitute an endorsement by the Director of Practice as to the quality of the program or its contribution to the professional competence of the enrolled individual.  Sponsor #382

All courses and seminars are held at Northern Essex Community College’s Riverwalk location just off Route 495 on the Lawrence/North Andover line at 360 Merrimack Street, Building 9, Entry K (third floor), Lawrence, MA  01843, directly across from Salvatore’s Restaurant and Conference Facility.  Directions are available at www.necc.mass.edu.  Plenty of free parking is available.

Confirmation letters with directions will be mailed two weeks prior to the start of a course.  In the event you need to cancel, a full refund will be given if our office is notified six days before the class start.  A full refund is given if NECC cancels a class due to low  enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances.  Every attempt will be made to contact you by phone in the event of a course cancellation or change.  College closings due to storms or other weather events will be announced on major TV and radio stations, on our website at www.necc.mass.edu or by calling the NECC announcements line at 978-556-3002.  We will reschedule if possible.  For further information about these courses or the program in general, please contact Dianne Lahaye at dlahaye@necc.mass.edu or 978-659-1222 or contact Diane Zold-Gross at dzoldgross@necc.mass.edu or 978-659-1221.

About our Speakers

Terry Anderson, EA, MST, tax consultant with 15+ years’ experience preparing taxes and assisting clients with tax issues; annual 1040 keynote speaker for MA Society of Enrolled Agents and EA exam prep instructor

George P. Barresi, EA, Senior Training Officer, Massachusetts Department of Revenue

Lorene Beach, CFP, EA, tax consultant with 30+ years’ experience preparing taxes and assisting clients with tax issues; adjunct faculty at Merrimack College teaching tax and estate planning, MA Society of Enrolled Agents annual 1040 keynote speaker, Enrolled Agent of the Year (2007) and EA exam prep administrator/instructor

Vincent E. Bonazzoli, Esq., principal and sole owner of the Vincent E. Bonazzoli Law Firm, P.C., and is presently an instructor for the CFP program at BU

Peter Colbath, M.S., CPA, Tax Auditor with the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration

John M. Cunningham, Esq., principal of the Law Offices of John M. Cunningham, PLLC, Concord, NH, focused in the areas of business start-up law, taxation, and business entity restructuring, and author of Drafting Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements (Aspen Law & Business) the leading U.S. LLC form book and practice manual

Philip Dardeno, CPA, MST, former Chief of Audit, MA DOR; currently in private practice specializing in MA state tax matters

Elaine K. Hoiska, CPA, Member of Mass Society of CPAs, former V.T. Commissioner of Taxes, UMASS graduate with a Phi Beta Key

Janet Lechnir, certified QuickBooks professional advisor and president of Better Bookkeeping LLC

Philip S. McCoy, BS, MST, JD, CPA with primary practice areas in taxation, business and estate planning

Jay Partlan, instructor at NECC, UNH, Granite State College, New Hampshire Community Technical College, and Newbury College

James Taylor, CIA, CFE, and Kathleen Taylor, CPA, CFE, consultants specializing in internal control, fraud auditing, forensic accounting and management advisory services.  James Taylor is also a professor of Forensic Accounting, Fraud Audition & Fraud Examination and former audit director and corporate procedures analyst; Kathleen Taylor is also an experienced controller, auditor and fraud examiner.


CPE Seminars

Creating and Maintaining an Ethical Culture for CPAs and Other Financial Professionals

Ethics describes and informs the ethical decisions and moral standards we use in our business, professional, and personal lives.  We are challenged every day with ethical dilemmas, large and small, and need a basis upon which to make those ethical decisions.  This seminar explores the ethical landscape in today’s culture and looks at the need, purpose, and elements of the professional codes of conduct of the AICPA, the Institute of Internal Auditors, the Institute of Management Accountants, and the National Association of Enrolled Agents.  Beyond the codes of conduct, the course examines personal vs. professional ethics, ethical standards, and ethical intelligence as a basis for creating and maintaining an ethical culture. - 4 CPE Hours

Speakers: James Taylor, CIA, CFE, and Kathleen Taylor, CPA, CFE

Course Information

Dates/Time:  Tu, 8:30a.m. to 12:30p.m., 12/9

Location: Riverwalk

Cost:  $95.00

CRN: 855 Course Number: CPEI1072 Section: RWA

28th Annual Federal & Massachusetts State Tax Forum
Preparation for the 2014 Tax Filing Season for Professionals

Program includes analysis on reporting changes and reviews of the latest developments in taxation.

Speakers: Terry Anderson, EA, MST, tax consultant with 15+ years’ experience preparing taxes and assisting clients with tax issues; annual 1040 keynote speaker for MA Society of Enrolled Agents and EA exam prep instructor and Phil Dardeno, CPA & former Chief of Audit, MA DOR currently in private practice specializing in MA state tax matters

Course Information

Dates/Time:  Sat, 8:30a.m. to 12:30p.m., 1/10 & 1/17

Location: Riverwalk

Cost:  $185.00

CRN: 305 Course Number: CPEI1021 Section: RWA

Federal Tax Update & Review

Reviews the federal tax updates, reporting changes and latest developments in federal taxation including expiring and continuing provisions from prior years as well as new provisions for 2014 and 2015.  The seminar includes a quick review of basic principles and techniques with emphasis on highlighting new federal limits for various items, new exemption and standard deduction amounts, new standard mileage allowed, and more.

Speaker: Terry Anderson, EA, MST, tax consultant with 15+ years’ experience preparing taxes and assisting clients with tax issues; annual 1040 keynote speaker for MA Society of Enrolled Agents and EA exam prep instructor 

Course Information

Dates/Time:  Sat, 8:30a.m. to 12:30p.m., 1/10

Location: Riverwalk

Cost:  $95.00

CRN: 303 Course Number: CPEI1062 Section: RWA

Massachusetts Tax Update & Review

Reviews the highlights of recent changes, new information, developments, releases, regulations, forms and other matters related to Massachusetts state income taxes effective for 2014 and 2015 and preparation for the 2014 filing season.  Program includes analysis on reporting changes and reviews of the latest developments in taxation.

Speaker:  Phil Dardeno, CPA & former Chief of Audit, MA DOR currently in private practice specializing in MA state tax matters

Course Information

Dates/Time:  Sat, 8:30a.m. to 12:30p.m., 1/17

Location: Riverwalk

Cost:  $95.00

CRN: 304 Course Number: CPEI1064 Section: RWA

Past CPE Seminars that may be offered in the future:

Excel Tips and Tricks for Financial Professionals – Intermediate/Advanced

Even the most seasoned Excel user will benefit from this hands-on workshop filled with hints, tips, tricks and shortcuts!  You’ll use real world accounting examples to increase your skill level to address workbook security, charting techniques to analyze and present important data from external sources, developing and using useful formulas and functions, including conditional, lookup, and text functions.  Included will be PivotTables to analyze data, count, conditional count sum functions, write-protecting cells, creating drop-down lists and conditional formatting.  You can even bring in your own spreadsheet to analyze in class.  This hands-on workshop has been recently updated and is aimed for the intermediate/advanced user.

Speaker: Jay Partlan

The Affordable Care Act: Information and Tax Implications for 2013 and Beyond

Although the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 is three years old, many of the phase-in provisions become effective for tax year 2013.  This session will explore the various health insurance and tax effects of the legislation applicable to 2013 tax returns and beyond.

Speaker: Lorene Beach, CFP, EA

Massachusetts Current Events NEW!

Using the latest court cases, rulings, and DOR directives, we will discuss the most up to date changes going on at the Massachusetts Department of Revenue.

Speaker: Phil Dardeno, CPA, MST

Ever Changing Estate Planning Techniques & 2014 Estate & Gift Tax Law Changes

For accountants whose clients are asking about estate planning and for those who become part of the estate planning team, this course is a must!  Many of these basic and advanced techniques have income tax consequences and will need income tax returns filed.  This course will begin with the very basics of estate planning, examine and discuss revocable and irrevocable trusts and review the “alphabet soup” of trusts, i.e. A-B Trusts, credit shelter trusts, QTIPs, Mass QTIPs, ILITs, QPRTS, CRATS, CRUTS, GRITS, GRATS, GRUTS, CLATS, CLUTS, IGTS, grantor trusts and if time allows, we will also discuss family limited partnerships.  We will also review the new changes in estate and gift tax laws for 2014 and their tax implications.

Speaker: Vincent Bonazzoli, Esq.

QuickBooks for CPAs and Other Tax Professionals (Introductory)

Learn to set up company data files, gain a solid understanding of the A/P and A/R modules, how to import, export and backup data, plus learn report basics and customization.  This hands-on course is also good for those interested in learning about the new features and capabilities of the software and is a good overview/refresher for those with limited experience.

Speaker: Janet Lechnir

QuickBooks for CPAs and Other Tax Professionals (Advanced)

Discover tips, tricks, shortcuts, new and overlooked QuickBooks features, special fixes and workarounds.  Learn more about payroll setup, midyear vendor setup, and review additional topics of interest.  This hands-on course is great for anyone who has completed the introductory course or has a working familiarity of QuickBooks but wants to know more about its capabilities, features, or updates.

Speaker: Janet Lechnir

Federal, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire Taxation of LLCs: The Basics & Recent Developments

The Revised NH Limited Liability Company Act became effective January 1, 2013.  Learn directly from the committee chair that drafted the Revised Act and was its principal author. What should be the role of MA and NH CPAs in LLC formations?  How can you protect LLC members from Social Security Taxes?   How can you use the Revised Act to lawfully avoid the NH Interest and Dividends Tax and the NH RETT?  Which state’s LLC act is better from a legal, tax, or asset protection viewpoint?  If NH and MA corporations convert to LLCs, will this protect their NH members from the I and D Tax?  When should NH and MA LLCs elect to be S corporations?  You’ll learn answers to these questions and more!

Speaker: John M. Cummingham, Esq.

QuickBooks Tips & Tricks for CPA’s and Other Tax Professionals  

Learn shortcuts, tips, tricks and more advanced features, plus how to deal with data corruption, file size, reporting problems and other challenges.  This hands-on workshop requires a comfortable knowledge of QuickBooks and is perfect for anyone who has completed any of our prior QuickBooks workshops or for the QuickBooks user interested in learning more advanced features and workarounds for the most challenging situations.

Speaker: Janet Lechnir

Fraud Detection: Forensic Accounting

This seminar is for accounting professionals who want to increase their knowledge of how to detect, deter, and design internal control systems to  help identify fraud.  It is designed for those who have accounting responsibilities, including but not limited to CPAs, internal auditors, controllers, accounting supervisors, and CMAs who want to offer additional services in the fraud area to their small business clients.  The focus is on what fraud examination and forensic accounting is; the characteristics of fraud and why people commit fraud; and practical application and examples of specific types of fraud.  Fictitious revenue and understatement of liabilities will be discussed in addition to other common fraud schemes.  Discussion will include; use of public records by investigative accountants, advantages and limitations using documents, workplace searches, using link analysis, data analysis tools, finding fraud in financial statements, completing the investigation and a report.

Speakers: James Taylor, CIA, CFE and Kathleen Taylor, CPA, CFE

Using the 1040 as a Tax and Financial Planning Tool

The process of working with clients to review critical financial documents in order to prepare their taxes can also be an opportunity to discuss a variety of tax issues and implications, determine financial status and goals, develop an asset and document inventory plus bring up a host of other financial and tax planning issues.  Come explore the nuts and bolts of this approach, complete with strategies to help your clients not only file their taxes but also reach their personal financial goals and your business goals too.

Massachusetts Tax Update

Explores the “Top Ten” of what’s currently hot in Massachusetts tax law, providing not only critical information but also an opportunity for questions and discussion on matters important to all practitioners.

Tips and Traps for Sales & Use Taxes in a Multistate Environment

Explore how to handle SaaS, click through nexus and e-commerce issues; includes approaches to dealing with taxation of manufacturers, contractors, retailers, and service businesses when states need more audit revenue.   Learn how to handle all these issues in consulting and helping your clients on these audits and your own business, too.

Tax and Legal Aspects of Buying and Selling a Small Business

Examine the tax and legal aspects of buying and selling small business organizations, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations.  We will also cover stock and asset transactions, legal implications of stock and asset transfers, special elections, sales tax implications and purchase price allocation.

Real Estate Transaction Taxation Overview

This seminar provides an overview of real estate taxation including accounting methods, dealers, Section 1031 exchanges and financing alternatives and will also explore real estate tax aspects of foreclosure and bankruptcy.