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Nonprofit Management Certificate Program*

Designed for anyone interested in learning how to create or manage a nonprofit organization effectively and efficiently, this program covers critical aspects of nonprofit management which will aid your professional growth while helping make your nonprofit a success! Whether new to the field, a seasoned nonprofit professional, board member or volunteer wishing to sharpen your skills, complete just those courses of interest, or complete them all for maximum benefit and to earn the certificate of completion; includes guest speakers.

Instructor: Stefanie J. B. Muscat, experienced instructor, founder and director of Bevara, with nearly twenty years’ experience managing and advising nonprofit organizations.

Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector

This overview explores nonprofit sector diversity, examines historical roles and traces its evolution, changing roles and purposes. You’ll examine the skills required for nonprofit management given current economic stresses and political pressures, learn to create opportunities for fresh, creative and bold leadership, increase your ability to manage people and lead your organization to a higher level of self-sufficiency and sustainability.

Legal Issues of Nonprofit Sector

Explore legal and regulatory concerns plus accountability standards related to starting and maintaining a nonprofit organization.  Topics include: selecting the form of a nonprofit organization; its formation, operation and governance, directors’ and trustees’ duties and liabilities; qualifying for tax-exempt status; distinctions between public charities and private foundations; potential consequences of business and investment activities; charitable solicitation regulations; legal and financial issues related to 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization management.

Board Development & Engagement

The effectiveness of a Board of Directors is directly tied to nonprofit success.  Learn best practices for board management and development, plus innovative strategies for improving their effectiveness.  Discover how to inspire and empower your board by infusing the organization’s mission and vision into their work.  Get tips to create a code of ethics and  use organizational strategies to raise expectations, increase cohesiveness, build closer partnerships, create flexibility, and add value.

 Strategic Planning

Create thoughtful, well-informed plans to lead your organizations into the future.  Aimed at current nonprofit staff, board members and others, this overview explores the purposes and benefits of strategic planning, and outlines the skills, methods and presentations used in strategic planning; includes ways to examine external and internal forces and trends, identify key stakeholder groups, determine an organization’s readiness for planning plus ways to assess a group’s vulnerabilities and “competitive advantage.”

Nonprofit Fiscal Management

Fiscal responsibility is critical, requiring financial decision making based on sound application of accounting fundamentals.  Determine the lifecycle of a project, organizational budgets, financial guidelines, plus methods to monitor and maintain performance against budgeted goals.  Explore implications of an organization’s anticipated program activity on underlying cash flow and considerations influencing the budget process and relationship with its stakeholders, including boards of directors, project managers, donors, constituents, funding agencies, and program recipients.

Volunteer Management: From Boards to Bag Stuffers

Volunteers are critical resources, whether a board chairperson or stuffing bags and envelopes.  Managers face challenges in recruiting suitable volunteers for the roles they need fulfilled and in managing those volunteers once on board.  After identifying the potentials and limits of volunteer labor, we’ll address a range of volunteer recruitment and management techniques, from coordinating volunteers for one-time events, to keeping long-term volunteers engaged, to delicate management issues related to working with difficult volunteers.

Resource Development & Grant Writing

Learn a step-by-step approach for preparing successful proposals, researching funders, and developing strategies for approaching grant makers and obtaining grants.  Explore various components of proposal composition, including drafting letters of inquiry and final submission.  We’ll put grant writing in the larger context of resource development, emphasizing the need for diversification, reviewing examples of successful proposals, and provide opportunities for critique.

Effective Marketing

Effective marketing and communications strategies help nonprofit organizations advance their missions.  Learn to develop a basic marketing plan based on a solid understanding of marketing and communication principles; explore the effects of changes in society and technology; review trends and best practices in promoting nonprofits, including communications, social media and special events, borrowing from both for-profit and nonprofit sectors.

*A newly expanded program will be offered Winter/Spring 2016


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