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Social Media

Social Media Marketing Essentials Certificate Program

Learn the essentials of using social networking sites to successfully market and brand your business, explore the benefits and best practices of creating and using interactive accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Flickr, use web marketing lingo, look at privacy issues, blogging, the importance of measurement, and get practical tips and tricks.  Geared for business professionals and entrepreneurs, but all are welcome.  Take just those courses of interest or all ten to earn the certificate of completion.

About the Instructors

Ruth A. Sheets Wilson, MBA, business strategist and owner of Ducks In a Row Consulting, helps small to mid-size companies increase their revenue and profitability

Nathan Gilbert, Director of Online Communications for Northern Essex Community College, where he manages the school’s website and social media channels

Introduction to Social Media Marketing*

Learn about the shift from outbound to inbound marketing and how to use social media as  part of an integrated marketing strategy to build relationships and reach buyers directly.  Discover Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Instructor: Ruth A. Sheets Wilson


Determine what makes a successful LinkedIn profile, including the summary, experience, websites, testimonials, best answers, and groups.  Learn how to get connections, follow companies, and contact anyone with a few clicks.  This is a must for anyone wanting to improve online branding as well as the under- or unemployed.  Come prepared to update and make changes to your own profile.  Depending on participants’ needs, this class will focus on using LinkedIn in business and/or its use as an effective job search tool.

Instructor: Nathan Gilbert


Do you have (or want to have) a Facebook account but don’t know how to best use it?  Do you want to learn more about how to use Facebook for business?  Learn basic functions like how to create your account, build your profile, add friends and a cover photo, create lists, share photos and videos, navigate links, and make sense of Facebook jargon.  Learn  how to build your business page and create and participate in groups.  Explore the differences between profiles and pages, friend lists and interest lists, and timelines and newsfeeds.  Examine Facebook’s privacy policy, advertising, applications, page administrative roles, and analytics.

Instructor: Ruth A. Sheets Wilson


Do you have (or want to have) a Twitter account but don’t know how best to use it?  Do you want to learn more about how to use Twitter for business and marketing?  Learn basic functions like how to create an account, build your profile, follow and find followers, share pictures and links, and make sense of Twitter jargon.  Learn about Twitter’s privacy policy, finding and sharing content, and creating Twitter lists, plus learn best practices, optimizing content, getting more retweets, and managing chats.  Explore desktop and mobile applications, promotional and sponsored tweets, how to remove unwanted followers, and analytics.

Instructor: Ruth A. Sheets Wilson


What are blogs and why are they relevant?  Learn how blogs emerged from an internet joke to an internet mainstay.  Find out about the different blogging communities and resources, their strengths and weaknesses, and learn what’s required to start your own blog.

Instructor: Nathan Gilbert

Mobile Applications*

Discover the practical business applications of mobile-based social media platforms.  Learn current popular apps, and which ones may be on the rise.  Find out how to leverage these apps to best engage your target audience.  This course is geared towards iPhone, Android, and Windows users, although anyone can register and participate.

Instructor: Nathan Gilbert

Social Media Marketing: Tying It All Together*

Geared to those who attended all prior courses in this series—although anyone can register and gain value—this course ties everything together.  Executed properly, a social media marketing campaign can have enormous reach for your business.  Determine how best to match your resources with available social media channels to reach out to your existing customers and to engage new ones.

Instructor: Nathan Gilbert

                                                                                    *Program Offered Fall 2014