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Photo Imaging/Photoshop

Intro to Adobe CS6 Photoshop for Photographers

Explore exciting photo-editing with Adobe Photoshop! Ideal for anyone interested in editing photographs and images, you’ll learn to make layers, add image adjustments, filter effects, and image masks. These skills will help you enhance your photos and apply some photo adjustments to really bring your photography to a professional level. Learn skills such as desaturating photos, changing levels on lighting, and blending techniques. Bring your own photos to use new techniques on your own personal work and bring thumb drive to save projects.

Instructor: Stacy Sawyer, Graphic Designer

Course Information

Dates/Time: Wednesday, 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., 3 weeks, 10/4-10/18

Location: Haverhill

Cost: $145 + $10 capital fee

CRN: 605 Course Number: CMPA1158 Section: OWA

Adobe Photoshop Advanced for Digital Art *

Explore exciting image-manipulation with Adobe Photoshop! Ideal for anyone interested in creating and composing artwork on multiple levels. Learn unique techniques like rendering floor plans with textures, wrapping products with labels, and creating digital art marketing. Building your own custom brushes and patterns will help make your projects original. Realize your new skills in context by completing exciting small project work for a portfolio or to enhance your own projects. Bring thumb drive to save projects.

* Offered in the future.

Photoshop Techniques for the Web *

A photo editor is an essential tool for preparing images for the web. Students will learn to use Adobe Photoshop’s tools to create images, edit photos and optimize size and quality for use in HTML and Flash based projects. Some of the topics to be discussed will include color corrections, selections, spot touch ups, cropping, re-sizing, layers, adding text, special effects, compression and more. Students will gain an understanding on how to create headers, background images, banner ads and other content that can then be integrated into Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash.

* Offered in the future.

Digital Photo Imaging *

Learn the basics of digital photos and photo editing with Adobe Photoshop. Learn to download, open, view and save image files as well as how to enhance images and organize photos. Students will also learn how to use selections and layers tools and print and share images.

* Offered in the future.