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Instructors Needed

If you are looking to become an NECC Corporate & Community Education instructor, submit your idea for a class using the following form (submit via the website, mail or fax 978-659-1258). A new form must be filled out for each class topic you wish to suggest. Please try to be as thorough and specific as space allows. If the NECC programming staff thinks your new course idea would be appropriate, you will be contacted in order to arrange an interview to demonstrate your teaching prowess.

Please study our latest catalog, noting the subject areas we have or those that are not fully represented. We welcome unique and new ideas as long as we feel we have the market to enroll them. Even if we turn down an idea after evaluation, we invite you to continue to think of other classes that may work in our catalog.

For questions concerning this form or about the process of becoming a NECC noncredit course/program instructor, feel free to e-mail us at noncredit@necc.mass.edu or call (978) 659-1200. We review proposals on a continuous basis. Also, if you are seeking a class in a certain subject and you do not see it in our catalog, please e-mail us with your ideas. We will let you know if we are currently seeking such a class, or if we may in the future.

If you are already a Corporate & Community Education instructor and you want to submit new course proposals, please feel free to use this same form.

Thank you!

Instructors: Please fill out the form below to submit your information.

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