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Pathways to Credit

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due: Noncredit/Credit Pathways

Did you know that you can now earn credits toward your NECC associate degree or certificate by successfully completing select noncredit courses and certificate programs?

Noncredit courses and certificate programs have always provided convenient, affordable options to learn new personal and professional skills, explore interests and occupations, prepare for a new job or complete professional development or certification programs to advance your career. Now you also have the option to earn credits to give you a good head start on your credit degree or certificate program at NECC too!

Whether you are taking noncredit courses to explore a possible new career path, been out of school for years and using noncredit courses to ease into returning to college, or you’re considering going back to school and just testing the water, you might be interested in our new Noncredit/Credit Pathways Program which provides a seamless pathway from noncredit to credit programs. Thanks to a new internal articulation agreement, students who successfully complete any of the following approved noncredit certificate programs or courses may request academic credit toward their NECC associate degree or certificate program.

Area of Study NECC Credit Eligible Noncredit Courses NECC Corresponding Credit Courses Credits
Entrepreneurial Training ESBD1034- Entrepreneurial Training Program BUS102
Introduction to Entrepreneurship
BUS 216
Entrepreneurship: Small Business Start-up


QuickBooks Courses CMPA1117-QuickBooks-Level 1
CMPA1118-QuickBooks Level 2


Computerized Accounting Systems
Accounting & Bookkeeping Fundamentals Certificate SBPD1143-Fundamentals of Accounting and Bookkeeping I
SBPD1144-Fundamentals of Accounting and Bookkeeping II
SBPD1145-Computerized Accounting and Bookkeeping Using Quick Books


Introductory Accounting
Microsoft Office Applications Courses CMPA1122 Intro to MS Office
CMPA1052, CMPA1053, and CMPA1053: Access 1, 2 & 3
CMPA1049, CMPA1050, and CMPA1051: Excel 1, 2, &3
CMPA1055, CMPA1116, and CMPA1056: PowerPoint 1,2 & 3
CMPA1046, CMPA1047, and CMPA1048: Word 1, 2 & 3


Computer Applications
Fundamentals of Photography Certificate: FOTO1000 Basic Photography
FOTO1001 Beyond Basic Photography AND
FOTO1002 Creative Black and White
CMPA1158 Intro to Adobe CS5 Photoshop


Introduction to Digital Photography





 Computer Basics CMPA1169 Computer Basics CIS101
Computer for Beginners



Additional courses may be reviewed, approved and added at any time so please check back for additions.

Please note: Credits earned for noncredit courses are guaranteed to apply to appropriate Northern Essex credit programs, but are not guaranteed to transfer to any upper level institutions.  Students should request both credit and noncredit transcripts from Enrollment Services if/when looking to transfer these courses.

Instructors may require successful project or quiz completion as part of the noncredit certificate program/credit approval process.  In order to receive academic credit, students should make an official request by email to dzoldgross@necc.mass.edu or noncredit@necc.mass.edu; please include your full name, student ID# (if known), contact information, noncredit course/program name and approximate completion date. Once successful program/course completion is verified, we will advise Enrollment Services to post the appropriate number of credits. Students may also contact Enrollment Services directly and provide the appropriate certificate of completion. Forms to request a Certificate of Completion are available by emailing the Center for Corporate and Community Education at noncredit@necc.mass.edu or calling 978-659-1200.

For additional information, please contact:

Diane Zold-Gross,
Assistant Dean, of The Center for Corporate and Community Education
Email: dzoldgross@necc.mass.edu
Phone: 978-659-1221