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Photography Program

Are you interested in photography as a career or passionate hobby?  Do you want to take consistently better photographs?  This series of photography classes offers the flexibility to take a class of your particular interest or step through all four of the skill-building modules to earn the certificate of completion. Learn to master the necessary camera functions to create beautiful imagery with an emphasis on technique, mechanical control, and exploration of light plus have opportunities to learn through hands-on projects and review sessions. 

Make sure to sign up early! These photography classes fill very quickly due to their popularity.

Students who successfully complete Basic Photography, Beyond Basic Photography, Intro to Adobe CS6 Photoshop for Photographers, and Creative – Black and White may also earn 3 credits (as the equivalent of ART130) applicable toward their NECC associate degree or certificate program. 

Fundamentals of Photography Certificate

Complete the following four courses

Basic Photography

Learn the basic skills involved in photography, such as camera skills and the use of light, exposure, and composition. This class is designed primarily for students just entering into photography but it can also be a refresher class. This class will  include projects to be done in between class meetings. Bring prints of your photography projects for discussion and your SLR (non-digital or digital) camera, accessories, manual, and notebook. Please read your manual before the first class.  Course may include an optional field trip.

Instructor: Bruce Kincaid, master photographer with 20+ years’ experience in location, studio and commercial photography

Course Information

Dates/Time: Wednesday, 6:30 to 9:00 pm, 6 weeks, 9/7-10/12

Location: Riverwalk

Cost: $279

CRN: 583 Course Number: FOTO1000 Section: RWB

Intro to Adobe CS6 Photoshop for Photographers

Explore exciting photo-editing with Adobe Photoshop!  Ideal for anyone interested in editing photographs and images, you’ll learn to make layers, add image adjustments, filter effects, and image masks.   These skills will help you enhance your phtos and apply some photo adjustments to really bring your photography to a professional level.  Learn skills such as desaturating photos, changing levels on lighting, and blending techniques.  Bring your own phohtos to use new techniques on your own personal work and bring thumb drive to save projects.

Instructor: Stacy Sawyer,  graphic designer with extensive experience using Photoshop

Course Information

Dates/Time:  Thursday, 6:30 to 9:00 pm, 3 weeks, 11/3-11/17

Location: Riverwalk

Cost: $189 + $10 capital fee

CRN: 597 Course Number: CMPA1158 Section: RWC

 Beyond Basic Photography

A project-based class geared for you to continue and expand on your learning about lighting techniques. You will learn to “see” light, which will change the way you take photos and enhance your skills as a photographer. A series of assignments will step you through the process of recognizing various lighting situations and using them as a compositional tool. This class is the next step for basic photography students or those who have a fundamental knowledge of their camera functions. Bring your SLR (non-digital or digital) camera and accessories.

Instructor: Bruce Kincaid, (see above for bio)

Course Information                                                      DATE CHANGE!

Dates/Time: Wednesday, 6:30 to 9:00 pm, 6 weeks, 10/26-11/30 (no class 11/23) New start date!

Location: Riverwalk

Cost: $279

CRN: 584 Course Number: FOTO1001 Section: RWB

Creative – Black and White

Black & White Photography is an art of its own, with nuances not found in color photography.  Learn to see in black & white, explore your passion and use camera controls and lighting techniques to capture workable image files for the black & white process.  Students should have a basic understanding of photographic principles and be familiar with their camera’s controls.  Required equipment: DSLR camera, tripod, computer loaded with Lightroom, Photoshop Elements or Photoshop CS.

Instructor: Deb Venuti, professional photographer and portrait studio manager for 25+ years and adjunct professor of Digital Photography at Merrimack College

Course Information

Dates/Time: Monday/Wednesday, 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm, 4 weeks, 11/21-12/14 (no class 11/23 & 11/30)

Location: Riverwalk

Cost: $279

CRN: 608 Course Number: FOTO1002 Section: RWB

For more information on the classes or this certificate program, please call Dianne Lahaye at 978-659-1222 or Diane Zold-Gross at 978-659-1221.

Photography Program – Spanish  NEW!

A new pilot program taught in Spanish will also be offered at our NECC Riverwalk location this fall instructed by George Richardson, experienced professional photographer and instructor.  Course descriptions are noted above and course schedule is noted below.  For questions or for information in Spanish, contact Ana Valdez at avaldez@necc.mass.edu or 978-659-1212.

Basic Photography – Spanish

Dates/Time: Monday, 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., 6 weeks, 9/12-10/24 (no class 10/10)

Location: Riverwalk

Cost: $279

CRN: 624 Course Number: FOTO1003 Section: RWB

Beyond Basic Photography – Spanish*

Intro to Adobe  CS6 Photoshop for Photographers – Spanish*

Creative Black and White – Spanish*

*Dates to be determined.  Please check back for updates.