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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I print my paper or use a computer to do homework?

    Answer: There are walk-in labs available on both campuses during posted hours. The Library does charge a small fee for printing. There are also computers available in Lawrence and Haverhill libraries.

  • Do I need to sign in to use the walk-in lab?

    Answer: Yes, you also need to be a currently enrolled student at NECC and show a valid Student ID to use the walk-in lab.

  • Can I get email, Self-Service and wireless accounts?

    Answer: Yes:

    1. Student self-service and email accounts are auto-matically created when a student registers for credit classes. Online accounts are automatically created when a student registers for an online class.
    2. Students can request wireless accounts by visiting Room B216 on the Haverhill campus or Room L237 on the Lawrence campus with their laptop. Virus defi-nitions on each laptop must be updated prior to re-questing access to the wireless network.
    3. The login for all accounts, except email, is the student’s myNECC ID number and the default password is the student’s birthday MMDDYYYY. When the student logs into Self Service, he/she is required to change the default password. Once the default password is changed, the password is synchronized with the online, and wireless accounts.
    4. To log in to your student email Office 365 account: Your email address is your 8-digit myNECC account number@student.necc.edu Your initial password is “Necc-” (Please note it is Case Sensitive) plus your birthday in the MMDDYYYY format. Example: Necc-01011920. Once you change this password to one of your own choosing, you will not need to change it again. (This will reduce any issues with your mobile device.)
  • Can I type a paper on my home computer and come to NECC to edit my paper?

    Answer: Yes, but if you do not use Microsoft Word to create the file, save as a Rich Text Format or (.rtf) and then you will be able to edit it at NECC.