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Full-Time Faculty

   Kathy Holmes Sociology

Kathy Holmes

Peter Flynn

Peter Flynn, Psychology

Carolyn Cohen

Carol Cohen

Isabelle Gagne

Isabelle Gagne, Psychology

Jorge Santiago

Jorge Santiago, Sociology

Kristi Arford

Kristi Arford, Anthropology

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Behavioral Science Faculty and Academic Credentials

Arford, Kristi, Assistant Professor

B.A. Florida International University; M.A. New Mexico State University

Beaudry, Mark, Adjunct

B.S. Northeastern Univ.; MS Northeastern Univ.; PhD Capella Univ.

Bradley, James, Professor Emeritus

B.A. Salem State University; MEd Salem State University

Buckley, Doris, Adjunct

B.S. Gordon College; MEd University of New Hampshire

Butland, Krista, Adjunct

B.A. Salve Regina University; M.A. University of Massachusetts Lowell; A.B.D. Walden University

Cohen, Carolyn, Professor

B.A. UMass/Boston; PhD University of Minnesota

Davidson, John, Adjunct

B.S. University of MA; M.Ed. Cambridge College

Descharnais, Phyllis, Adjunct

B.A.; M.A. University of Lowell

Flynn, Peter, Professor

B.A. Boston University; M.S. University of New Mexico; M.Ed. Rhode Island State

Gagne, Isabelle, Assistant Professor

B.Sc. University of Montreal; M.Ps. University of Sherbrooke

Giliberto, Anthony, Adjunct

B.A. Northeastern University; M.A. Tufts University

Holmes, Kathleen, Assistant Professor

B.S. in CJ Northeastern University; B.A. University of Massachusetts; M.A. University of Massachusetts

Janowicz, Mary, Adjunct

B.A. Merrimack; M.A. Assumption

Kortz, Kirsten, Adjunct

B.A. William Smith; M.A. Tufts University; PhD University of New Hampshire

Labella, Louis, Adjunct

B.S. Suffolk University; M. Ed Antioch University

Leate-Varney, Shannon, Adjunct

B.A. University of New Hampshire Mass School of Law

Lima, Paul, Adjunct

B.A. Umass/Boston MEd Suffolk

Mangion, Jonathan, Adjunct

B.S. Salem State University; Med Salem State University

Marshall, Kathleen, Adjunct

B.S. Salem State University; M.ED University of SanDiego; CAGS Boston University

Mackenna-Rice, Brian, Adjunct

B.S. Springfield College; MS Springfield College

McMilleon, Joseph, Adjunct

B.A. UMass/Amherst; M.A. Fitchburg State University

Medina, Karletti, Adjunct

B.A. Wheaton College; M.A. Lesley College

Moscardini, Paul, Adjunct

B.S. Salem State University; Med Northeastern Univ.

Pelletier, Jessica, Adjunct

MBA Suffolk University; MSW Salem State University

Rizzo, Joseph, Professor Emeritus

B.S. Boston State College; M.A. Boston College

Santiago, Jorge, Professor

B.A. University of Vermont; M.A. Boston University; PhD Boston University

Sivright, Nancy, Adjunct

B.A. Wheaton College; MSW Loyola University; Ph.D Yeshiva University

Smyth, Roger, Adjunct

B.A. UMass/Amherst; MS Cal State, Northridge