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Global Studies Faculty and Contact

Barlas, Arthur, Professor Emeritus; Adjunct Faculty, History

B.A. Boston University; M.A. Northeastern University
Email: abarlas@necc.mass.edu

Basile, Celestino, Adjunct Faculty, Italian

Email: cbasile@necc.mass.edu

Casanave, Lizzie Linn, Adjunct Faculty, Philosophy

BA: Principia College, MA: UMass, Boston
Email: ecasanave@necc.mass.edu

Collins, W. Steve, Adjunct Faculty, History

B.S. Salem State College; M.A. Salem State College; Ph.D. La Salle University
Email: wcollins@necc.mass.edu

Comtois, Kevin.  Adjunct Faculty, History and Government

Email: kcomtois@necc.mass.edu

Domenech, Ligia.  Assistant Professor, History

B.A., University of Puerto Rico; M.A., Ph.D., Center for Advanced Studies of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean
Email: ldomenech@necc.mass.edu

Flaherty, Joseph, Adjunct Faculty, History

Email: jflaherty@necc.mass.edu

Fletcher, James, Adjunct Faculty, Economics

Email: jfletcher@necc.mass.edu

Froner, Anne, Adjunct Faculty, Government

B.S. Suffolk University; J.D. Massachusetts School of Law
Email: afroner@necc.mass.edu

Gilman, Robert, Adjunct Faculty, History

B.A. Ursinus College; M.A. Boston University
Email: rgillman@necc.mass.edu

Gunning, Meredith, Professor, Philosophy and Religion

B.A. University of Toronto; Ph.D, Fordham University
Email: mgunning@necc.mass.edu

Gustafson, James, Professor Emeritus, Adjunct Faculty, Philosophy & Religion

A.B. Wheaton College (Illinois); M.Div. Fuller Theological Seminary, Ph.D. Boston University
Email: jgustafson@necc.mass.edu

Kibbe, Wayne, Associate Professor, Economics

Email: wkibbe@necc.mass.edu

Kravette, Ron.  Adjunct Faculty, History

Email: rkravette@necc.mass.edu

LeBlanc, Donald, Adjunct Faculty, Philosophy

B.A. Northeastern University; Ph.L. and Ph.B. University of Louvain
Email: Donald_LeBlanc@uml.edu

Machado, Patricia, Assistant Professor, Economics

B.S., UMass Lowell; M.B.A., Western New England University; M.A., Ph.D., Southern New Hampshire University
Email: pmachado@necc.mass.edu

Morin, Gerard R; Professor Emeritus, Adjunct Faculty, History

B.A. Merrimack College; M.A. University of New Hampshire
Email: gmorin@necc.mass.edu

Morse, Andrew; Associate Professor, History & Government

B.A., Utica College, M.A., UCLA
Email: amorse@necc.mass.edu

Padova, Richard, Adjunct Faculty, Geography & History

A.A. Northern Essex Community College; B.S. Salem State College; M.Ed. Northeastern University;
Email: rpadova@necc.mass.edu

Palermo, Mark, Adjunct Faculty, Spanish

Email: mpalermo@necc.mass.edu

Rollins, Dustin, Adjunct Faculty, Philosophy

M.A., Boston College
Email: jrollins@necc.mass.edu

Russell, Stephen, Professor, History & Government; Department Chair

B.A. St. Anselm College; M.A. University of New Hampshire; Ph.D. University of Connecticut
Email: srussell@necc.mass.edu

Sheehan, Mary,  Adjunct Faculty, History

Email: msheehan@necc.mass.edu

Skora, Adrienne,  Adjunct Faculty, History

Email: askora@necc.mass.edu

Slaner, Stephen, Associate Professor, Government & History

B.A., Brandeis University; M.Phil, Columbia University; Ed.D., Harvard University
Email: sslaner@necc.mass.edu

Taintor, Sheila,  Adjunct Faculty, Spanish

Email: staintor@necc.mass.edu

Wilcoxson, Elizabeth J, Adjunct Faculty, Geography

Humanities and Social Sciences; A.B. Gordon College; M.A. Northeastern University; Ph.D. Boston College
Email: ewilcoxson@necc.mass.edu