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Core Academic Skills

Enrolling in an associate degree program at Northern Essex?

If so, beginning in fall 2014, there’s a new graduation requirement that may apply to you.

If you are new to Northern Essex and have no academic history at the college, you will be required to take at least one course that’s intensive in each of Northern Essex’s six core academic skills in order to be eligible to graduate.

Whether you will be joining the workforce or transferring to a four-year college or university, we want to be sure that you graduate with the skills that will lead to success in your career and in life.

NECC Core Academic Skills:


Global Awareness

Students will develop an understanding of diverse cultures and use this knowledge to address global issues.


Information Literacy

Students will learn to identify their information needs and use appropriate resources to find and communicate this information.


Public Presentation

Students will develop and express ideas through public presentations with increasing complexity and sophistication.


Quantitative Reasoning

Students will learn to interpret and manipulate quantitative information and apply concepts and skills to solve real-world problems.


Science & Technology

Students will learn to explain how science and technology influence each other and how both can be used to explore natural and human-created systems.


Written Communication

Students will develop and express ideas in writing with increasing complexity and sophistication.


To find out whether this requirement applies to you, please contact your assigned faculty advisor or an advisor in the Career Planning and Advising Center (CPAC).  You can reach a CPAC advisor by live chat or by emailing advising@necc.mass.edu.

To search for courses that fulfill the Core Academic Skills requirements, please use the Credit Course Search Tool.