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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I visit Academic Advising on either Campus?

A. Yes, Academic Advising as well as various other offices are located on both the Lawrence and Haverhill Campuses for the convenience of the local communities.

Q. When do I need to declare my major and Matriculate into a program?

A. Read about Information for unclassified, evening & Saturday Students.

Q. How do I change my Major?

A. Change of major requires a visit to the Career Planning & Advising Center.

Q. Where can I get help and/or tutoring for my classes?

A. Depending upon the class, there are various centers which provide help.

Q. What will happen if I drop a class?

A. There are many issues to be aware of when considering whether to drop a class.

Q. What happens if I am unable to attend class due to emergency or illness?

A. You may be able to have these absences excused if you have a valid reason. If you have an extenuating circumstance such as a medical emergency, the student is expected to contact their instructors in writing themselves.

Q. What classes would fulfill an “Elective?”

A. Depending upon your major, there are various courses which could satisfy an elective requirement.

Q. Can I take courses out of sequence?

A. For courses that are developed on a time-based sequence, such as American Literature I and American Literature II, it is acceptable to take them out of sequence since knowledge gained in the first course is not necessary for the second course and vice versa. For courses that are developed on a knowledge based sequence, such as Calculus I and Calculus II, it is not acceptable to take them out of sequence since what is learned in the first course is absolutely necessary for success in the second course.

Q. Can I repeat a Course?

A. Yes. Students are allowed to take any credit bearing course a maximum of two times. Under special circumstances, students may request to take a course a third time. In order to take a course a third time, students would need to meet with their faculty advisor or academic advisor to develop a plan designed to assist them in successfully completing the course. Taking a course a fourth time would need the approval of the Dean of the Academic Area responsible for the course. All grades will appear on the student’s transcript, but only the highest grade will be used in calculating the quality point average (QPA).

Exceptions: Program or department requirements that are guided by more restrictive regulations will override this Policy. Students receiving Financial Aid will also need to meet with the Director of Financial Aid to review their eligibility to continue to receive aid for the course.

Q. What is Online Learning?

A. Online Learning can be fully explained on the NECC web site.

Q. Can I take courses at any other college and use them towards my degree at NECC?

A. Yes, depending on the course and with approval from the academic division and enrollment services area.

Q. Can I get credit for my work experience?

A. Yes. There is a process called Credit for Life Learning (CLL). There is also CLEP, which is credit earned by taking an exam.

Q. How do I get assigned an advisor?

A. Most matriculated students (those enrolled in a major) are assigned a faculty advisor by Academic Advising.  Generally students are assigned a faculty advisor who teaches within the department of the students’ major.  All other students are assigned to Academic Advising and may come in on a walk-in basis to see any one of the available academic advisors who work there.

Q. Do I have to contact my Advisor if one is assigned to me?

A. Yes, you need to contact your advisor.

Q. What is Academic Probation/Suspension?

A. When your GPA falls below a certain point, based on the total credits you have earned, you may be placed on probation/suspension.

Q. I think I am ready to graduate, what do I need to do?

A. You first need to see your advisor and do a graduation audit to see what classes you may still need. Second, you must fill out a petition to graduate form in Enrollment Services office.