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Elective Courses

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Electives are courses not specifically prescribed in a curriculum.

The definitions listed below are meant to help students make elective choices for their respective programs. Students should consult their Academic Advisor before registering for elective courses.


    Any college level course offered at Northern Essex Community College.
    Note: All developmental courses are excluded.


    Any course offered by the Business Administration Department with associated prefixes:
    Business Administration: ACC, BNK, BUS, ECO, FIN, HST, MGT, MKT
    Business Information Technology: BIT, TLT
    Health Information Technology: HES, MRT


    Any college level course offered by the following departments with associated prefixes:
    Behavioral Sciences: ANT, PSY, SOC
    English: COM, ENG – (except for English Composition I & II and HUM)
    Foreign Languages: ASL, FRN, GER, ITN, SPN
    Fine & Performing Arts/Philosophy/Religion: ART, DAN, MUS, PHI, REL, and THE
    Graphic Design/Computer Graphics: GRA
    History and Government: GEO, GIV, HIS
    Math: MAT
    Natural Science: BIO, CHM, ERS, PHS, SCI


    Any college level course which falls within the areas of communications, humanities, literature, foreign language, philosophy/religion and fine and performing arts as defined below:
    Communications: Any course beginning with COM, JRN
    Fine and Performing Arts:
    Art: Any art course beginning with ART
    Dance: Any dance course beginning with DAN
    Music: Any course beginning with MUS
    Theatre: Any course beginning with THE
    Foreign Language: Any course beginning with ASL, FRN, GER, ITN, or SPN
    Graphic Design/Computer Graphics: GRA
    Humanities: Any course beginning with HUM
    Literature: Any course beginning with LIT
    Philosophy/Religion: Any course beginning with PHI or REL


    Any course offered by the following departments with associated prefixes:
    Behavioral Science: Any course with the prefix of ANT, PSY, or SOC
    History and Government: Any course with the prefix of GEO, GOV, or HIS


    Any course offered by the Department of Natural Sciences or any course with the prefix of BIO, CHM, ERS, PHI, or SCI
    Note: Students need to be aware that there are 3 and 4 credit sciences. The elective/s chosen must meet the number of credits specified in the curriculum.


    A math elective is satisfied by any math course with a course number higher than MAT 022 unless otherwise stated in a program description.

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