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Unclassified, Evening & Saturday Students

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Are you formally enrolled in an Academic Program?

Even though you are taking courses at the college, you are NOT formally considered to be a student at NECC who is eligible for a degree until you matriculate.

What is Matriculation?

Matriculation just means that you take the time to formally apply to the College and declare the program of study from which you intend to graduate and receive your certificate/degree.

Does it cost me anything?

No, there is no application fee.

When should I matriculate?

You should matriculate by the time you have taken 15 college credits.

What do I have to do to matriculate?

Visit the Admissions Office, and fill out an Application for Admission. On this application you will be asked to declare your program of study.

What if I am not sure about which degree program I want?

  • By the time you have completed 15 credits you usually have a good idea of a direction.
  • You can always visit one of the Academic Advising Centers. 

Why bother? Isn’t just signing up for evening or Saturday classes enough?

Many students who don’t ever matriculate find that it can cause problems if they then want to graduate.

What are the benefits of matriculation:

  • On the date that you matriculate, your program requirements are given. If requirements change, you will not have to take extra courses.
  • You will graduate on time.
  • You will get proper updated advice and information regarding program changes.
  • You won’t waste time or money.
  • You are eligible for Financial Aid (students who are unclassified cannot receive Financial Aid).

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Have you changed your mind about your program of study since first applying to the college?

If you have decided that you would like to change your program of study; please stop by one of the academic advising centers.

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Have you taken your Assessment Tests?

If the answer is “NO”, you need visit the Assessment Center.

Why do I need to take assessment tests?

All students must be assessed in the areas of Reading, Writing and Math, after taking 6 credits at the college. The scores are necessary to ensure that you are placed in the appropriate courses when taking English, Math and other college courses which require college level reading. There is no charge for the tests.

Where do I find the Assessment Center?

The Assessment Center has two locations:
Haverhill, Spurk Building, TC-128 ( 978-556-3872)
Lawrence, L-135 (978-738-7426)
Call for the times and dates of assessment testing and to make an appointment.

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Have you ever met with an advisor?

If the answer is “NO”, you may want to visit Academic Advising. Academic Advising exists to provide academic advising to those students (unclassified or evening) who are not assigned a faculty advisor.

Academic Advising provides:
  • Information about Academic Programs
  • Information about course requirements and electives
  • Help with course selection, registration, and tracking academic progress
  • Transfer information
  • Referral to College Support Services
  • Information about alternative ways to earn credit

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