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Academic Advising Staff

Campus Location Phone
Haverhill Behrakis One Stop Student Center, 2nd Floor, CPAC 978-556-3440
Lawrence Dr. Ibrahim El Hefni Allied Health and Technology Center, 1st Floor, LC 129  
Academic Advising Staff
Name Location Phone Email
Grace Young, Dean, Academic Support Services, Articulation, and Transfer  SC212A and LC 131 978-556-3449 gyoung@necc.mass.edu
Jayne Ducharme, Coordinator of Academic Advising, Lawrence LC 129 978-655-5914 jducharme@necc.mass.edu
Stephanie Wares, Coordinator of Academic Advising, Haverhill CPAC-18 978-556-3446 swares@necc.mass.edu
Martha Bixby, Academic Advisor, Haverhill CPAC-11 978-556-3450 mbixby@necc.mass.edu
Rosalie Catalano, Transfer & Academic Advisor, Haverhill CPAC-12 978-556-3430 rcatalano@necc.mass.edu
Jeffrey Flaherty, Academic Advisor, Lawrence LC 129 978-655-5918 jflaherty@necc.mass.edu
Ana Fraden, Academic Advisor, Haverhill CPAC-10 978-556-3636 afraden@necc.mass.edu
Maria Gonzalez, Academic Advisor and Student Success Center Liaison, Lawrence LC 129 978-655-5915 mgonzalez1@necc.mass.edu
Jayme Haddad, Transfer & Academic Advisor, Lawrence LC 129 978-655-5916 jhaddad@necc.mass.edu
Jeannine Patturelli, Academic Advisor, Haverhill CPAC-16 978-556-3441 jpatturelli@necc.mass.edu
Jeidy Ureña, Academic Advisor and Community Referral, Lawrence LC 129 978-655-5921 jurena@necc.mass.edu
Linda Bradish, EDP Entry Operator IV, Haverhill Outside SC212A 978-556-3445 lbradish@necc.mass.edu
Solanyi Muñoz, Clerk III, Lawrence LC129 978-655-5924 smunoz@necc.mass.edu
Candy Rentas, Administrative Assistant II, Haverhill Outside SC212A 978-556-3443 crentas@necc.mass.edu
PACE Staff
Name Location Phone Email
Karen Mitchell, Director CPAC-05 978-556-3404 kmitchell@necc.mass.edu
Kristen Arnold, Transfer Advisor CPAC-03 978-556-3418 karnold@necc.mass.edu
Ann Coughlin, Learning Asistant C201 978-556-3550 acoughlin@necc.mass.edu
Nancy Pelletier, Statistician I CPAC-04 978-556-3403 npelletier@necc.mass.edu
Academic Placement & Testing Center Staff
Name Location Phone Email
Donna Bertolino, Assistant Dean of Academic Support Services TC-125 978-556-3431 dbertolino@necc.mass.edu
Donna Felisberto, Coordinator of Student Assessment & GED Chief Examiner TC-128 978-556-3410 dfelisberto@necc.mass.edu
Susan Alestock, Technical Assistant III TC-128 978-556-3778 salestock@necc.mass.edu
Helen Burns-Vasques,PT Technical Assistant II CPAC-01 978-556- hburnvasques@necc.mass.edu
Nancy Carroll, Clerk III & GED Examiner CPAC-01 978-556-3458 ncarroll@necc.mass.edu
Kerry Driscoll-Clegg, PT Asessment Specialist TC-128 978-556-3872 kclegg@necc.mass.edu
Peggy Lambert, PT Technical Assistant II TC-128 978-556-3872 mlambert@necc.mass.edu
Laura Roche, PT Assessment Specialist TC-128 978-556-3872 roche@necc.mass.edu
Lorna Walsh, PT Systems Analyst TC-128 978-556-3776 lwalsh@necc.mass.edu
Louise Michaud, Assessment Officer, Lawrence L-200 978-738-7426 lmichaud@necc.mass.edu
Debra Scannell, PT Technical Assistant III, Lawrence L-200 978-738-7426 dscannell@necc.mass.edu