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Interpreting/Communication Access Services FAQs

How do I Request Interpreting/Communication Access Services?

  • Go to Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services room SC110 of the Behrakis Student Center
  • Meet with the Manager of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services for approval
  • Follow these steps every semester.

Remember to Include the Following Information:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number, pager address, email
  • date, day of the week, time and location of the class/event/meeting
  • Type of service requested (interpreting, CART, C-Print)
  • Topic of class/meeting
  • Names of people attending
  • Names of preferred interpreter/captionist

When to File a Request:

  • Do not wait until the last minute! Submit your request as soon as possible!
  • The longer you wait the less chance we will have to confirm your services.
  • Providers are not always available to meet last minute needs
  • Meetings and events are not automatically interpreted/captioned.  If you are not sure, contact the event host or Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services to confirm coverage.

Request interpreting/Speech to Text Services