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Assistive Technology

Examples of Assistive Technology

  • Spell Checkers
  • Alternative Textbooks
  • Word Prediction Software
  • Voice Recognition Software
  • Screen Magnification Software
  • Writing/Organization Software
  • Alternative Keyboards
  • Screen Reading Software
  • LiveScribe SmartPens
  • Talking Calculators

Assistive Technology & You

Students use assistive technology for many reasons: increased self-reliance, the ability to work more independently, improvement in self-esteem, and better grades!

Please contact the Learning Accommodations Center at 978-556-3654 to learn more about Assistive Technology Services and whether you may be eligible to benefit from this type of support.

FAQs About Assistive Technology

Q: What is Assistive Technology?

A: Assistive technology is any software, hardware, equipment, or portable device that helps to enable the user to fully participate in an activity. (For example; a student with low-vision is able to see a computer screen with magnification software. Or a student with a spelling disability may be eligible to use a portable spell checker.)

Q: How do I know that Assistive Technology may be beneficial to me?

A: First, qualified professionals here at the college review your documentation. Then an informal technical assessment is completed to help match technology to your needs. Otherwise; we recommend that you work with a community resource for a comprehensive Assistive Technology Evaluation. (i.e. Massachusetts Rehabilitation, or Mass Commission for the Blind, etc.)

Q: Will anyone show me how to use it?

A: Yes, once a match has been determined, training sessions can be scheduled at the Learning Accommodations Center.

Q: How long will I need to train?

A: The training time for different assistive technology varies. Some devices or software may require only 1 training session, while others may require weekly sessions for a while before you are comfortable using the technology independently. It also depends on your skill level at the beginning of the training session.

And much more!

Available Assistive Technology may vary each semester.