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General Information & Student Accommodations Information

General Information

Differences Between High School & College Students with Disabilities

Accessible Parking and Emergency Evacuation Information

The Learning Accommodations Center can help you with:

  • Time Management
  • Study Skills Strategies
  • Organizational Skills
  • Test Taking Strategies
  • Test Anxiety
  • Note Taking Skills
  • Learning Styles

To arrange an appointment with your Disabilities Services Specialist call (978) 556-3654 or drop by SC111

Student Accommodations Information

Furniture Accommodation

If disability documentation supports the request for Furniture Accommodations, the college will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations.

Sometimes due to circumstances beyond the control of the Learning Accommodations Center the furniture may be moved out of a room even after the accommodation is set up. If this occurs, please inform the Leaning Accommodations Center as soon as possible.

Assistive Technology Equipment Usage 

Once trained, students may borrow Assistive Technology Equipment from the Learning Accommodations Center. It is best to schedule this in advance to help guarantee availability. Items must be signed out and returned promptly on the agreed return date. Additional training can be requested, if needed.

Please do not troubleshoot or tamper with the equipment or software and notify the Learning Accommodations Center if it is not working or is damaged.

Students may need to reimburse the college for any loss, damage or theft during the time the equipment /software is signed out to them.

Audio Recorded Lecture

The recorded class lecture is for a student’s own personal use and may not be shared, published or quoted from without the consent of the lecturer.

Sometimes the instructor may request the student to turn off the audio recording device due to personal matters being discussed in class.

Alternative Text

For each semester the student is receiving Alternative Text as an accommodation the student should schedule their Semester Accommodations Meeting (SAM) with their Disability Services Specialist soon after registering for classes. This will help ensure the alternative text is available when needed. 

If Alternative Text is a new accommodation, the student needs to schedule an Alternative Text Review with the Assistive Technology Specialist in order to provide information as to what they have for equipment and what alternative text formats can be used. Training will be conducted so the student knows how to listen to their alternative text files. This Alternative Text Review is needed before textbooks can be ordered in an alternative format.

  • A textbook receipt or statement of ownership form is required in order to receive the alternative text files.
  • It is an infringement of copyright laws to reproduce or distribute alternative text.

Recommendations for Online Course Registration

The student needs to have the necessary skills, computer equipment (hardware and software) and assistive technology to meet the requirements of online courses. There are differences in the level of support for online courses compared to classroom-based courses.

Arrangements can be made with the LA Center staff to discuss certain accommodations/services by email or phone.

The student should discuss their approved online testing accommodations with professors early in the semester.

Please Note:

  • The student may need to come to the campus for certain accommodations and/or services.
  • Paraprofessional staff such as a note taker, reader, or scribe will not be placed in student’s home.
  • The student is responsible for obtaining any assistive technology software needed for their home computer since assistive technology software is installed on Northern Essex Community College computers only.

Refer to: Online Learning Students FAQs for technical support and information for online course/s.

Note Taking Services

Based on a student’s documented disability the Note Taker accommodation may be approved for a student.

The Learning Accommodations Center maintains a confidential master schedule of all note-taking assignments for potential Note Takers to review. Peer Note Takers may or may not be enrolled in the same course they are assigned to take notes for. The LA Center will send the student an email when a Note Taker is hired.

  • The LA Center provides materials and training to Note Takers.
  • A student will not receive notes for days/times they are not in class.
  • Coaching or extra help is not part of the note taker’s job.
  • Audio recording a class lecture may be an option if a Note Taker is not found right away.

The student is to notify the LA Center if Note Taking services are not needed in a particular course.

Accommodated Testing Services

Students may be eligible for testing accommodations that may apply to in class exams, midterms, finals, pop quizzes, Accuplacer, TEAS and other placement exams. 

Some examples of testing accommodations include;

  • Extended time
  • Use of computer
  • Reduced distraction environment. Other testers may be in the testing room. Headphones, earplugs, and sound machines are available to help minimize noise distractions.
  • Use of assistive technology software
  • Scribe
  • Reader
  • Other accommodations are determined on a case by case basis. 

Students may be able to arrange for accommodated testing with the instructor or they can schedule to take an accommodated test at the Learning Accommodations Center. 

Testing accommodations can be arranged at both the Haverhill and Lawrence campuses.


For complete information on the accommodations listed above, please contact the Learning Accommodations Center.



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Download the Adobe Reader to view PDF files.