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Differences Between High School Students & College Students with Disabilities

K – 12 Higher Education
Education is a RIGHT and must be provided in an appropriate environment to ALL individuals. Education is NOT A RIGHT. Students must meet certain admissions criteria defined under ADA-AA as “otherwise qualified.”
School district is responsible to identify a student’s disability. Students must self-identify.
School district provides free testing and evaluation. Student must provide documentation and pay for evaluation if there is one.
School district develops Individualized Education Plans, (IEP) to define educational services. Student must identify needs and request services.
IEP determines services and school district must ensure that services are provided under IEP. All teachers are contacted by Special Ed. Staff. Student is responsible to initiate action for services.The Learning Accommodation Center will assist students with disabilities to develop a Faculty Request for Services and to advocate, if difficulty arises, but responsibility lies with the student.
Fundamental Alteration of programs and curricula are required. No fundamental alterations are required.
Personal services for medical or physical disability are required. No personal services are required.