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PACE Alumni Mentoring

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Guidelines for Mentors and Mentees

PACE staff and alumni stay in touch even after they transfer to four-year colleges and universities.  For interested current NECC/PACE students, we are able to match you with an alum who is currently attending a four-year college you are interested in transferring to.  This allows students and alums to share information and knowledge about the transfer experience, which helps upcoming transfer students make smooth transitions. PACE will give PACE credit to students who participate in this program.

Guidelines for Mentors & Mentees (PDF)

For more information please contact:

Kristen Arnold
PACE Transfer Advisor
Haverhill Campus

FAQs About PACE Alumni Mentoring

Q: Why have a Mentoring Program?

A: This program is created to assist you with the transition from NECC to a four year college or university. The transition into another school can be challenging and having a Mentor to advise and support you is extremely helpful!

Q: Who is in the Mentoring Program?

A: We maintain a database with alumni who are interested in connecting with current students.  They are a diverse group who attend different colleges and study different majors, mainly in New England.  Any prospective PACE graduate/transfer student can participate in the program while in PACE.

Q: I am interested in having a mentor, but how does this work?

A: It depends!  We take everyone’s schedules into account and then coordinate various ways of connecting mentors and mentees.  When possible, we arrange for an in-person meeting, but sometimes we connect you via phone, email or social media.  We also arrange for in-person “mentor meet-ups” which take place when we are on a field trip and we arrange for alumni who are attending the college we are visiting to “meet up” with us for part of our visit to share their experience.

Q: When is it?

A: Mentoring is an ongoing process and it’s individualized based on the mentor and mentee. Current PACE students can participate at any time.

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