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Q. How can I be sure my classes will transfer to another college?

A. Academic Advising can usually give you course by course information regarding your classes, however, it is the transfer institution which accepts or denies the credits. Thus, it is recommended to receive verification from a transfer counselor at the college/university you are intending to transfer to.

Q. Where can I find information on other colleges and universities?

A. Academic Advising houses many catalogs from frequently attended colleges and universities. Use of these catalogs is encouraged for transfer research. You can also visit the web site of the college to gather similar information.

Click here for links to Massachusetts State Colleges & Universities.

Q. Does NECC host any Transfer events?

A. Yes. NECC Academic Advising hosts various Events such as Transfer Day throughout the semester, as well as individual college/university visits on both the Haverhill and the Lawrence campus throughout the academic year.

Q. Does NECC offer any special Transfer Programs?

A. Yes!  Check out the Mass Transfer Policy !!!