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Degree Completion Before Transferring

Top 10 Reasons to complete your degree at NECC before Transferring

Reason #10

You’ll save wear and tear on your car.

Reason # 9

You’ll be part of your community while you go to college.

Reason # 8

You’ll gain the maturity, experience, and study skills necessary for a 4-year college or university while in NECC’s supportive environment.

Reason # 7

It is easier to be accepted for transfer since the criteria for acceptance is often different for those without degrees.

Reason # 6

You become eligible for scholarships that are only available to students with an AA/AS degree.

Reason # 5

You can easily transfer credits to colleges that have articulation agreements with NECC.

Reason # 4

You will be eligible for the Joint Admissions Program or Mass Transfer with Mass State Colleges and Universities, which can save you 1/3 off tuition (with a 3.0 GPA).

Reason # 3

Commonwealth Transfer Compact (Come to Academic Advising, Student Center Building, 2nd floor for the scoop.)

Reason # 2

You will have a degree to show for your hard work, in case you must stop going to school for personal or financial reasons.

And the # 1 Reason is……

You’ll Save Money $$ (Up to 50% off your tuition in many cases!)