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Transfer Checklist

Use this handy checklist to keep track of the things you need to do to ensure a smooth and successful transfer to a bachelor’s degree program at another college.

Laying the Groundwork

  1. I made a preliminary career choice and wrote down my life and career goals.
  2. I selected a major program of study.
  3. I attended NECC’s Transfer Day on campus this semester
  4. I identified at least two four-year colleges or universities that offer my major and that interest me.
  5. I explored NECC’s transfer agreements to see if any of the colleges that interest me are included.

Gathering Information

  1. I contacted the Admissions offices and received catalogs and admissions applications.
  2. I contacted the Financial Aid offices and received scholarship and loan information.
  3. I visited each campus
  4. I examined the catalogs and required coursework for my major.
  5. I spoke with the Admissions office at each school to discuss transfer admission policies and transferring my credits from NECC.
  6. I checked whether any entrance examinations are required for admission and made plans to take them.

Planning to Transfer

  1. I wrote on my calendar the deadlines for admissions application materials and financial aid. I set my own admissions deadline if the school has none.
  2. I met with a transfer counselor and received a written evaluation of my credits earned at NECC from each college. I now know which credits will transfer and which courses I need to complete to obtain my bachelor’s degree.
  3. I reviewed my plans for transfer and the remainder of my coursework at NECC with my advisor.
  4. I compiled all the necessary documents and information required for my financial aid applications.
  5. I petitioned to graduate from NECC and get my degree by filing a graduation application with the Registrar’s Office.

Applying for Admission

  1. I had my official high school transcripts sent (if applicable).
  2. I had my official college transcripts sent.
  3. I asked faculty who know me well to write recommendations for me. I made sure that I asked at least two weeks before the due date and provided the proper information: my major and my goals, necessary forms and envelopes, the due date, etc.
  4. A couple of days before the deadline, I checked back with faculty to pick up or to make sure the recommendations were sent, and to thank them.
  5. I paid special attention to the written essay, if required for admission. I took the time to do it right and then double checked for errors. I saved it to a disk, or kept copies.
  6. I completed the Financial aid transcript from the NECC Financial Aid Office and sent one to each school.
  7. I made and kept photocopies of all my admissions and financial aid applications and materials before mailing them.
  8. I submitted the required application fees.
  9. I completed and mailed my admissions and financial aid applications on time!