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Save Money by Earning College Credits in High School

Start College Early at Half the Price!

Why wait and pay more when you can get a jump start – and big savings – on college while you are still in high school? With Early College: Individual Program, you pay only $110 per credit, which includes tuition and all fees, plus the cost of books and any additional course materials required. This is a 50-60% savings on regular course prices! You may be able to earn high school credit for these courses as well, and scholarships may also be available; please check with your guidance counselor.

Save Time and Take Courses that Transfer to Other Colleges

No matter where you want to go to college, you will need to complete your first-year (general education) college classes in English, math, psychology, sociology, and more. Why not complete these courses while you are still in high school at a big savings? As long as you earn a 2.0, the general education courses you take at NECC will transfer to Massachusetts state colleges and universities, as well as to many private colleges and universities.

Test the Waters in Different Career Options

In addition to the general education courses, you can also take courses that interest you to test the waters in a certain career option or to see if a particular field is right for you. These courses may transfer as well, check with NECC’s Academic Advising.

Enjoy the Advantages of Being an NECC College Student

Once you are enrolled in the Early College: Individual Program, you can take advantage of NECC support services like tutoring, computer labs, libraries, academic advising, and career services. You can also join a club, attend an event, work out at the fitness center, and more. With the exception of intercollegiate athletics, you can participate in the same campus activities as other NECC college students!

Find Out if You’re Eligible for Early College Individual Program!

To take advantage of Early College: Individual Program, you must:

  • Confirm that your high school is participating in this program. More are becoming available all the time, contact us at pk12@necc.mass.edu to check the status of your high school.
  • Complete the Early College Individual Program application; fill out form below to begin.
  • Take the Academic Placement Assessment, or ACCUPLACER, to ensure you are ready for college level English, writing, and math classes.

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