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CLEP & DSST Exam Schedule

There are two fees that all CLEP & DSST applicants must pay. One fee is the Test Registration Fee of $35.00 per test, payable by money order to Northern Essex Community College (NECC) or by Credit Card.  There other fee is an $80.00 fee per CLEP exam.

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Haverhill Campus, Technology Center, Room TC-129




August 4, 2014


10:00 AM

August 13, 2014


10:00 AM

September 12, 2014


10:00 AM

September 15, 2014


5:00 PM

September 17, 2014


1:00 PM

September 20, 2014


9:00 AM

*All General/Subject CLEP Examinations are available at each testing session as well as DSST exams.

*In the event that there are not enough examinees to justify administration of the test, this office reserves the right to cancel that test session.

Note: Principles of Public Speaking DSST exams may require delivery in two (2) test sessions.

For more information on CLEP and DSST testing, click here to email the Academic Placement & Testing Center.

CLEP Practice Tests are available on-line at www.collegeboard.com/clep and
DSST Practice Tests are available on-line at www.getcollegecredit.com