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Credit by Credential Evaluation

What is Credit by Credential Evaluation?

Credential Evaluation is the process of recognizing and equating to Northern Essex Community College courses, learning that has been achieved within a non-collegiate educational program of study conducted by one or more qualified instructors. Through credit by credential evaluation, students may earn credit for off-campus professional training that compares to Northern Essex Community College course work. Credit considerations include:

  • Course work and training conducted by the military,
  • Business and industry,
  • Post-secondary schools that are not regionally accredited and
  • Other organizations whose primary purpose is not education.

The American Council on Education (ACE) has evaluated many non-collegiate courses. Their publications (National Guide to Educational Credit for Training Programs, Guide to Educational Credit by Examination and Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services) are used by the faculty as a guide in determining equivalencies.

The Credit by Credential Evaluation Process

  • Prospective and current students are eligible to earn credits through credential evaluation.
  • Meet with staff to review eligibility requirements, discuss your credentials, and determine your eligibility. Identify which academic areas will be reviewing the documentation and begin to complete a Credit for Life Learning PLA Student Application for each academic area petitioned.
  • Students who apply for credit for courses are required to submit original documentation and one photocopy of satisfactory completion of all non-credit education and training programs with a Credit for Life Learning PLA Student Application completed for each academic area petitioned and the application fee. Provide original transcripts, license, diploma, certificate, military form DD295*, or letter of verification.
  • The student submits a Credit for Life Learning PLA Student Application and a non-refundable $40.00 Credential Evaluation Fee with his or her documentation.
  • Upon notification of the total number of credits awarded, the student must pay a fee of $50.00 per credit awarded.
  • The awarded credits are transcripted for the comparable cataloged course with a grade of “P” (Pass).
  • These credits are considered transfer credits and do not contribute towards residency credit requirements of Northern Essex Community College.

Credit by Credential Evaluation of all military courses completed while the student was on active duty or in the active reserves is provided at no charge to the student. Click here for a Military Transcripts Document.

Registration Steps (1-2):

  1. Fill out and submit a PLA Student Application
  2. Submit the Credit for Credential Proccess form non-refundable fee of $40.00 one of the following ways: Online, by Mail or Walk-in.


Online Registration (Payment by credit card)Click here to register online. You must sign in or create an account for FlexReg.  If you are a current student, your username is your NECC ID and your password is your Self-Service password. If you do not remember your password, contact the Service Desk and they will reset your password to your date of birth and you will then be able to reset it. First time requests select Credential/Portfolio Evaluation Fee-Test One. If you have had a previous evaluation at NECC, select the appropriate Credential/Portfolio Evaluation Fee – Test Two, Test Three, Test Four, Test Five. You must fax your Credit for Life Learning PLA Student Application to 978-556-3169 or scan and email it to: testing@necc.mass.edu.

Note: When using FlexReg Pop-Up Blockers must be disabled to enable registration and payment using FlexReg.

When using FlexReg for your online payment, do not X out of the windows until you have completed the entire process. Once you register and the payment process is complete, you can then Sign Out.

Do not close any windows throughout the FlexReg process. Leave your FlexReg window open and your TouchNet Payment window open until you have completed the payment process.

You will receive two (2) emails upon completion of your FlexReg process; one for your Course Registration and the second one for your TouchNet Payment confirmation. Do not close any windows until you receive these two (2) emails. Once you receive the two (2) emails, you can Sign Out. Do not X out.


Money Order (Made payable to NECC) – Mail or hand deliver your Credit for Life Learning PLA Student Application & Fee to the Academic Placement & Testing Center, 100 Elliott St., Haverhill, MA  01830, Technology Center, Room TC-128.


Walk-in (Payment by Money Order, made payable to NECC, or by Credit Card) – Stop by the Academic Placement & Testing Center, 100 Elliott St., Haverhill, MA  01830, Technology Center, Room TC-128 to fill out your Credit for Life Learning PLA Student Application and NECC Registration Form.