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Assestment Test

You must have a NECC ID to take the ACCUPLACER test. If you do not,
click here and fill out the required form to receive your NECC ID. You will receive your NECC ID number via email within 24 hours.

Northern Essex Community College is committed to student success by ensuring that every student is assessed and placed in courses which are appropriate to their level of academic skills. By testing the reading, writing, and math skill levels of new students, NECC is better able to ensure appropriate course placement. Look here to learn more about the assessment process, ACCUPLACER.

ESL Testing assesses in reading, grammar, writing & communication and is for students enrolling in the English as a Second Language Program.

The Massachusetts Department of Higher Education mandates that basic skills tests in reading, writing, and mathematics are required for new students registering for credit courses. ACCUPLACER testing is required for any of the following:

  • If you enroll in a degree or certificate program
  • If you enroll in any math, developmental reading or English Composition I course
  • Before you complete six credits

Assessments are scheduled regularly on weekday mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Saturdays are also available on a limited basis.

Steps required to take the ACCUPLACER Test:

  1. You must have an NECC ID. If you do not have an NECC ID, please see above or click here . If you have an NECC ID continue with step 2 below.
  2. Come to the Haverhill Campus or Lawrence Campus during our walk-in times available (click here for our schedule).
  3. You must bring a picture ID and your NECC ID number with you when you come to test.

For ACCUPLACER Fax/Email information, click here.

Remote testing involves students taking the ACCUPLACER assessment test at a local educational institution with the intention of attending another college. For information on Remote Testing in the areas of: procedures, forms and guidelines see: ACCUPLACER Remote Testing Information. For additional questions on Remote Testing, click here.

Download the Adobe Reader to view PDF files.

Download the Adobe Reader to view PDF files.